Why is this screenshot so funny?

I almost bite my tongue and choke to death when I saw these photos. It is sooooo funny I just had to take a sreenshot of it. Being placed and sandwiched between LiewCF and Menj is already sooo weird. We errmm…aren’t exactly best buddies in every sense except we write for money. And seeing a pink bimbo ah soh there amongst those probloggers and internet gurus makes me wanna dig a hole and forever don’t surface anymore. *covering with ostrich hairs*


(screenshot taken from CJMedia)

Then again, I realised it is no mean feat to get mention so yeah, I self-motivate myself to crawl out and say thank you. In case you are not aware, I am placed in position #64 as one of those who made money from blogging. My blog was mentioned by Paula Mooney who estimated that I earn USD16,000 per year. You can read about it on my Make$ Money$ site. So, thanks to Paula Mooney for the little ego boosting. *flapping peacock feathers*

Now, a lot of people grilled me – You are not afraid of the taxman? Well, I am unemployed. I am a dependant. Moreover, these are publicly made known by third parties, not my own confession. My darling accountant told me money earned from offshores is not easy to show proof. Unless and until, the taxman can get those companies to demand us to fill in our tax number, then, we shall sweat. Anyway, if I really do earn money, I think it rightfully that we have to fulfil our responsibility. Hey, we are not crooks, you know? We work hard, we earn some and not like we are running away from the law. So, don’t sweat the small stuffs. *morph into turkey waiting to be slaughter for thanksgiving dinner*

10 thoughts on “Why is this screenshot so funny?

  1. Lilian ah, not sure if you realize that if you cash out another 2xx fund by end of this month, you will be fulfilling one of your 2007 resolutions di. Hehe…

  2. antabax – LOL, that’s what they say. Eh, I never say anything wor. Gua tak mengaku apa-apa, tuan hakim.

    mendee – Hahaha, dunwan…sked.

    bryan – Like this easily lor. My TLA every mth oso 600USD fixed one.

    terence – We discuss under table lah. How? Extra prawns, can?

  3. u know… with such thing… the taxman are going to pick it up one day and they will soon come after you. and i must say your atm is not accurate in saying you’re earning offshore income. if you ask me… u r deriving income in malaysia… thus subject to malaysia income tax. but dont worry… i wont tell my friends… oh, i have a few friends working in the income tax dept… i didnt tell u? šŸ˜› šŸ˜›

  4. zewt – *wipes zwet, sweat, I mean* How much you want? I pay you, I pay you, please don’t report. But hehehe, seriously lah, if they want to trace, they will get to me eventually. And I am not running either cos not like I money laundering or what. Everyone has to pay, right?

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