5xmom kena tagged again with dunno what meme

I thought everyone is tired of this tag thingie but apparently not. I have two memes to do. One from Paris and one from AhPek They are almost the same so I shall combine them together and make it as one.

Before I proceed, I know some of you have difficulties commenting. I really do not know what to do because I installed WP-cache which is meant to reduce my CPU load. Unfortunately, it seems to have problems with some browsers. Please clear cache, use IE, whatever. I really, really cannot undo wor. Cos I stupid go take a plugin that has 375 comments complaining about the problems. Now, I cannot undo the thing liao. *sobs*

Now on to the tag. Paris has ‘stolen’ most of the blog I want to mention so I have to think really hard. The other thing is I actually don’t quite understand how it works…. So, let me mash it up with AhPek’s seven random thing about me, meme.

1) I like prawns. A lot.


And because Cely also like prawns, I shall tag her. Hahaha.

2) I am a perfectionist. But I can live with mess. So, I am going to tag a perfectionist. Wuching. I saw how neat his house is in the videos he made and I went, wahlau eh, lucky I am not married to him or else, he sure kick me from OZ back to Malaysia with the kind of mess I have on my PC desk. Not like his Star Wars stuffs which he lined up in perfect arrangments.

3) I love taking photos but I hate being photographed. So that day, I ajak these group of leng luis to teman sama saya because if I stand with lengluis 2/3 of my age, maybe, people eyes busy see lengluis sekalian and ter-miss looking at me leh.


So, I am going to tag, the two sisters, I-min and Minny. Minnyi is the tall lenglui and Imin is her little sister. (on your right, the two girls standing next to me)

4) I am very bashful. Awww….really wan. Don’t believe? Ask Ree Nee and see?

You are tagged.

5) I hate shopping. Even if I have money, I dread going around shopping and will buy the first thing I stumble upon without caring about the price. And there is no one more approriate than shoppingmum to tag.

6) I love the sea, beach, coconut trees, swaying palms, sunset and doing nothing but lazing around. So, which blog reminds me of this? Yoo hooo……mott! Where are you?

7) I am bit weird. I read books from the back to front. Because I follow Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits. “Begin with the end in mind.” Weird? Weirdoux! Let’s get this blogger who blogs for money to write random stuffs. Otherwise, your blog is too serious ledi.

So, guys all of you who are mentioned above, what you need to do is to write seven random stuffs and relate it to some bloggers. Example, whether it is a word, a habit or a picture, it surely remind you of another blogger. So, hit them with the tag.

And sorry folks that you are all subjected to the dirt of the blogsphere that is going on. Just ignore ’em kids’ works. No point I hide those comments cos they enjoy these pranks so might as well entertain them till they are bored and find somewhere else to play.

Now, who else got tag, mari kasi saya.

15 thoughts on “5xmom kena tagged again with dunno what meme

  1. oh no! kena tagged! since lilian tag wan ah, i must do, I must do…but wait until I come back from sch larh..hahaha

  2. People who loves photography dun like to be photographed as much becoz deep down inside we know the picture could always turn out better. 😛

    I hate to be photographed by people too… especially those who simply click and shoot even eyes are closed lar, I’m halfway talking and angle that make me especially fat. lol

    My husband is always dulan because I asked him to take my pics and I give him my piece of mind. He don’t care. He shoots even when there are 3 unbecoming rolls in my middle.

  3. terence – Yalor, tiu so boring hor? Eh, how much I owe your hacker ah? ROTFLMAO

    helen_H – Wei, every comment of yours go into spam wor. Had to be saved from there. Why ah?

    clare – No lah, I read the last chapter for spoiler mah. Hahaha.

    ree nee – Say hi to Michael, and Bro Paul too. Haha.

  4. your meme very powderful wan! i get ppl coming to my new blog from here becoz of the meme so die die i must do this meme for u lah!

  5. Testing testing it’s me again… my previous comment using proxy din appear. Now I’m trying again without proxy…

  6. omg i kena tag [:
    by 5xmom somemore! so proud hehehehe
    and lol so paiseh, u wrote lenglui min? eee.

    we’ll meet again for sure
    take another blurry photo lol.
    u’re such a sweet and nice woman

    take care ya? 😀

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