5xmom and proud of it!

Kehkehkeh….just came out from dumping my daily load and reading the papers. You know, there is something nice about reading the newspapers and dumping at the same time. Whatever I read goes in and prhoot, phroot, phroot and out it goes. Flush…and that’s it. Down the sewer it goes.

I mean, wtf is going on here? Immigration records also can be deleted? WTF, who is the big boss up there doing it? Ah…well, we aren’t suppose to talk about it. So, let’s not talk.

But hor, I had been seeing photos of ‘And proud of it!’

My sons were aware of that too when we read the paper with ‘Mrs. So&So’ or Mr. So&So’s nephew…. t-shirts all over, with the word ‘And Proud of it’ at the back. When we were in KL the other, there was this t-shirt printing shop and we joked if we should get T-shirts printed with :

5xmom #1 son
5xmom #2 son
5xmom #3 son
5xmom #5 son
5xmom’s atm

and at the back,
And tiu you too (with the middle finger)

So, who wants a t-shirt with 5xmom’s fansee/And fark you too? Kehkehkeh, don’t take my word serioiusly hor, I no money to print t-shirts from XXXXXL sizes to XXXXXS sizes because that means a lot of sizes as that’s how varied my readers are.

(blur blur photo stolen from minnylicious’s site. It makes me look tall wor. 😛 )

Personally, I think if we are proud of anything, we don’t have to advertise it so loud, isn’t it? And if one stop going around with green streak hairs, people may warm up a bit more. Plus that woman….wow, she looks a lot older than the husband. Ok, ok, I am not suppose to talk about it. But, but, but that huge bodyguard..pahwer, oi, oi, Rambo, you got so big size anot? Are you for hire? How many CKTs?

15 thoughts on “5xmom and proud of it!

  1. Pei Sze – Hehehe, nah give you sweets. Tenkiu.

    hobart – OK, will help u create some buzz lah. Since you my nephew’s school mate. You jaga my nephew hor? Deal?

  2. Memang tak tau malu. Somemore hor… model’s dad claim that Mrs So and So kick him leh. but dunno true or not la.

    Eh, i like your t-shirt idea. hehe

  3. aiyoh i’m so clueless to whats happening…dunno who is the Mrs So and So you are referring to…havent read the papers in…ages!! feel like a katak di bawah tempurung now!!

  4. lingzie – Haiyor, main story of the mongolian model case?

    hijackqueen – but she looks damn bitchy wei. remember the first time she scolded the photographers? fuyoh, I really admire how she stood by her man (or his properties?) even when the affair is highlighted nationwide. If me hor, I told my loukong, I early early kasi he stand swimming liao.

    sasha – Bwahaha, you missed the post where ppl use your name to comment. Wait u free, msn me lah, I show u.

  5. why not leh?

    next time if you’re going to appear on the papers, lemme wear one of those t-shirts of yours lah. else i got no chance to appear on the papers edi :p

  6. i vote for the t-shirt. bila keluar? make sure limited edition hor, so we feel more special. also must have lime green can? 😛

    manyak the detail. -_- still wanna mention phroom phroom.. *pengsan*

  7. wei 5Xmom,

    Sure you want T-shirts?
    I can get 5 + 1 for you if you want but you will have to reveal the sizes.
    +1 is for me ler…

    And the fonts in pink?

  8. aunty lilian… after i felt like katak di bawah tempurung from reading your post, went to read the papers liao…!! so i finally know what your post meant. haha! i swear, you are my ‘information center’. in fact i found out abt pm’s marriage from ur site before i even read the papers!!

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