Do all men like to look at naked women? – Answer please

Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN Sri Gading) asked why the authorities seemed to be reluctant to take action against foreigners when they committed offences in the country.

Do all men like to look at naked women? There may be some men who like to watch. But are the authorities afraid to take action against foreigners? he added.

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You tell YB Datuk Mohamed Aziz, please.

My reply : Sure lah YB. Don’t say men, I also like to look at naked women. Even my gay friends also like to look at naked women. These are not just any women, YB. These are Super GT models wearing hot pants, girls from Japan. The difference is – Some people look at naked women and just see them as beautiful objects, to be admired from far because their skin so fair, so smooth, their features so pretty and cute, the limbs all slim and slender and the boob and butts of just the right curves. However…..what we need to worry about are those that got horny and beastly even without the need to see naked women.

Tell me lah, guys, you like to look at naked women or not? I mean those with the qualifications of the Japanese Super GT models?

20 thoughts on “Do all men like to look at naked women? – Answer please

  1. There has to be a reason why people has 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 mouth.

    To see more, to listen more but talk less.

    Of course people should look. That’s what eyes are for. It’s not the sight but what goes through the thoughts that count. The result of your mind is what maketh something sinful or not.

  2. His wife must have forbid him to see those gals and he wants to drag the rest of us into the water with him. =.=

  3. i believe those models are one of the reasons why men love racing events right? hot car and hot girls, who don’t want?

  4. i like wor… but I don’t think I’m man enough. i’m a cyber tranvestite. I hate to spoil your site demographics, sorry.

  5. Next time we will see GT Obachans (Auntie in Japanese) if GT Queens cannot come.
    The GT Queens are not naked, it’s alright. If got GT Kings somemore bagus, you know like Rain…. oops Rain is a Korean ler…

  6. I agree with Erina.. cuz, I see also… see only mah… after all it’s free…. tell me which cat don’t eat fish?? so, all men do look at naked woman lor!

  7. ahpek – Not only ogle but like tu-pak-kwai drools too hor? (tu-pak-kwai, that monkey god pig?)

    agnes – Yalor, on one hand wants to achieve world standard, one the other hand wanna maintain dunno what-what standard.

    erina – Yalor, big money in those shows mah, if not how to get foreign investors, foreign tourists, foreign exchanges, foreign….

    wuching – You don’t ogle gay men, you mean? But gay men ogle you how? LOL. Put more video lah, later stalk kau u. Sked leh.

    prometeuz – Yalor, yalor, cannot touch, can see, do what hor?

    dan – You chau ah kua. LOL.

    ree nee – Ya, if no girls who want to see the cars hor?

    hao – šŸ˜›

    Helen H – Hahaha, must tell my kids. I oso dunno this reasoning.

    Terence – That’s the most powerful yes.

  8. Say YES to my EYE, i cannot sorry to my EYE since the world have so many preety and chun chick to see, especially the hump

  9. I think the idea of having scantily clad women promoting things is very chauvanistic. I’ve always believed in gender equality. So if they put in some scantily clad men… šŸ˜‰

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