Can help me test and see can comment?

I upgraded to WordPress 2.2.1 and deactivated my WP Cache plugin because it is giving me lots of problems. Sometimes, I cannot even comment on my own blog. The WP Cache is meant to reduce my CPU overloading problem but it gives me another set of problems.

So, while deactivating the plugin and upgrading, my WP Config file was corrupted and that’s why the site was unavailable for a while. People MSN me if I kena hacked again. LOL.

Now can you guys please check and see if you can now comment without getting the annoying messages like your strings of bla bla bla does not match yadda yadda yadda?

Please, testing and see? If still cannot, email me and I go figure out more how to solve this problem? I lurrrrrrrrrrve comments. They are my oxygen. I despo for the numbers to go up up up.


27 thoughts on “Can help me test and see can comment?

  1. i got this when i tried using Firefox and Safari:

    “Your comment was rejected as your browser’s user agent string has changed since you viewed the post.”

    Now I am using IE to comment šŸ™‚

  2. this is my third comment on your blog for today. happy?

    hmmm i can use this tektik kotor to get more comments also hor. heh heh heh

  3. kh – roger, roger

    ree nee – kamsiah

    kh – i said roger liao mah

    little ray – Yalor dunno why others kenot even access. wuching emailed scold me liao he kena ban totally

    terence – niamah not at home

    wan yean – Eh, don’t leak my secret tactic lah. Ish, first visit, you oredi bocor rahsia taktik kotor saya.

    satkuru – yalor, pening. never mind, I going to move home liao.

    monk – Your comment masuk moderation bin

    little ray – thanks

  4. Why your sub sub title so many C?

    1) What colour? – Something you haven’t tried before, watermelon colors, esp. since now it’s summer!

    2) Suggestion for the name of the new blog? 5XMOM: Louder, Cruder, Bitchier!

    3) Why cannot get meh?

    4) When do I move? Ya, ya … July 7th 2007

    5) Any great idea on how to get my supportive readers to join in the fun of moving? – I honestly don’t know what this means.

    6) This doesn’t seem like it was a question.

    7) Let your hubby blog more for you (he’s damn funny!!!)

    I couldn’t comment on your upstairs!!! (er the latest blog, not your breasts, for I am sure those are fine)

  5. Finally… I can comment liao… from IE bor…. Firefox cannot le… I thought I will never get to comment here because something is wrong with my comp. No.. it’s not my fault!!! It’s 5xmom’s fault. hahahahha.. juz kidding…

  6. choonie – Yay! Finally. I hope to resolve further.

    Gwen – Haiyor, my makes many people richer liao lor. It pwned! On first page of Google, out of 400 million pages for ‘how to make money’. Hehehe, cannot help it, I am terribly proud of this jackpot.

    Tenkiu, tenkiu, tenkiu, tenkiu ….for all who helped test.

  7. 2 days back i am unable to giv u comment, on the “watch naked women” post…dono it related to ur update onot…

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