28 thoughts on “Do you need runners?

  1. Aunty Lilian, hhuuuuhh, this can be acted as a proof of company defamation if someone cut and paste/print screen about it from your website, http://www.chanlilian.net.

    Well done, aunty Lilian, anyway, just continue your hardwork and blog about it and I fully supported you.

  2. Vantuz – Wuah, you got see my charge for per paid post. I give free publicity to the company. Defamation what lah? Need a glass of cold water or not?

  3. Like your GEOlanguage, GEOattitude, eerrrr… and your GEOdaretospeakoutmindset!!!

    Accept this or not, huh? Can~la!!!

  4. Eh? Why got spammer fuck me and curse my mother ar? My mother passed away liao lah. Somemore cremated leh, so where got chau cibai??

    Oh oh. May my mother have mercy on YOU!!! Words dont hurt me lah. Try harder! Father also passed away liao, so dont bother cursing him.

    Ok, back to topic. GEO……… cant think of one. Sorry, too ugly lah the word.

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