internet is not anonymity

‘(00) Starwing – ジャニー系, アナル says: go ahead with it .. must let these idiots know .. internet is not anonymity

‘(00) Starwing – ジャニー系, アナル says: even if u are just a monitor away .. it is still not anonymous

::: Lilian says: Hehehe.

So, boys and girls, if you haven’t heard through the vines, a college boy was nabbed by the police for leaving a trail of his IPs. Scary? You bet.

9 thoughts on “internet is not anonymity

  1. terence – Hoi, legal cases, kenot tok here wan.

    ahpek – No jek. Cos kid mah.

    earl – Hoi, dun make him angry. Later your site got hacked and turn into penis enlargement sites, baru tau. My frenzrss sites still suffering. That’s why I am negotiating for the ransom money. LOL.

    melvin – dunno, go google lor. Hahaha.

  2. There’s no such thing as real anonymity. You commit a crime in the real world, doesn’t mean the police know who you are. It’s the same for the internet. Sure you can cover your tracks but there’s always a trail to follow. It’s just a matter of how badly someone wants to get to you. The only difference being that tracking in the real world is more mature than in cyberspace. But things are developing rapidly.

  3. This afternoon I saw a boy eating at the KFC restaurant next to the Petronas station near his office. Wah then suddenly a group of police came to handcuff him and pi-pu-pi-pu scoot him away. Chi keik!!!

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