5xmom V2.0

I am getting paranoid of another CPU overloading that cause the system to shut down. Previously, it lasted for several hours because my site is hosted in the USA and getting tickets attended to takes a while. So, I paid an extra lot of moolah to get a 640MB dunno what space and hosting on a Virtual Private Server (or something like that).

A virtual private server (also referred to as virtual dedicated server or virtual server, and abbreviated VPS or VDS) is a method of partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.


So now if CPU overloaded, my webhost will reboot it. He is also constantly monitoring the CPU load from his Nokia 3G mobile phone. Eh, I aksi a bit, cannot meh? Talk like I am some big client like that. But ikan bilis oni.

My problem is my site is getting too big. Each time someone sees a page, this crazy WordPress will be calling the 2,300 posts from year 2003 till now to get some updates. That’s why I had disabled a lot of plugins. And still the problem is there.

So….I think I will spare myself the agony of worrying about another CPU overloading. I am not going to blog from here anymore. Eheh, I will start anew from 5xmom V2.0. Actually the number is just for fun only. People are into Web 2.0 so I think put some decimel point and number looks like very techie, right?

I am getting someone to design a template for me. Then, I will start from there. What will become of this blog? Of course, it will be put to good very use. But to reduce the load, I think I will import some cagetory of this blog over, delete them from here and hence, trim the load.

So, questions to my readers :

1) What colour?

2) Suggestion for the name of the new blog? 5xmom V2.7?

3) I had bought the URL long ago, so domain name cannot change lah. But if someone can get me chanlilian.com, I pay you USD50 lah. How? I don’t know how to buy an already owned domain which is squatted by some CCB who refused to release the site after two years already.

4) When do I move? Any good dates? I like 7th July, 2007. Seven is my lucky number. I am born on 7th too.

5) Any great idea on how to get my supportive readers to join in the fun of moving? I am thinking of getting everyone to write a post with a specific title. More ideas, please?

6) The new site will be hosted on BlueHost server as I have space there. So, I hope it loads faster with dunno what advance CGI script for PHP.

7) More ideas please….

10 thoughts on “5xmom V2.0

  1. Hie Mum,
    So when are you moving!??! 070707 sounds nice what and its a nice number..!!! Wats the new url name?!Beta tell soon!!

  2. 1) PINK!
    2) 5xmom the next generation!
    3) dunno
    4) 777 is good fengshui day!
    5) i help carry your pots & pans only ha, dunwan to carry heavy furnitures!
    6) got plenty of in new house so have spare room for me to stay over every now & then?
    7) thinking…

  3. 1) Definitely remain the touch of pink
    2) 5xmom: Nothing but the truth, … ok i admit i am bad at names and taglines -_-”
    3) ermmm can’t bid higher ar?
    4) Nice launching date 😛
    5) what to do ar ? i thought we can only sit and watch ?
    6) hahaha i got no idea about this
    7) same like wuching, thinking …. probably when the site is up, more readers can test test and give you feedback 😀

    in my previous comment, when you said you were moving, i thought you were jk-ing 😛

  4. ahpek – Tiu lor, I kek sam sei jor.

    terence – How much you want to pay?

    satkuru – Boh pien has to move lah. My database too big liao.

    wuching – Cheh, I was counting on your to move the king size bed.

    angeline – Got people found it liao lor. 😛

  5. Firstly, I think pink is good. It’s your favourite colour too.

    Just keep us up to date about your transition. 🙂

  6. Well, dot net isn’t that bad.

    That’s the problem about dot com, that bugger knows you’re going big, and wants you to buy him out.

  7. 1. Colour: P-I-N-K
    2. The Incredible 5Xmom
    3. Don’t buy. Let those CCB squat till their legs mushy. chanlilian.net is already WELL KNOWN enough.
    4. 070707 easy to remember, not any easier than 676767 🙂
    5. What to write? Happy Birthday Post? or Full Moon Post? You decide la…
    6. Faster better as long as value for money.
    7. Everybody’s blog put 5Xmom banner and link on their blog on 070707, write why we like to read 5Xmom blog.

    Otak sudah kering. No more idea.

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