Joke only my husband can understand

Along the North-South highway, one early rainy, morning….

Hubby was taking a short nap in the driver’s seat at the Tapah’s rest stop as he started early at 4 am. All the kids were dozing but I was half awake. I normally hate the idea of all sleeping in a car ‘cos I can imagine someone whack the windscreen if they thought all of us konk-ed out due to carbon monoxide poisoining or what. So, I was sitting there with a full bladder but dare not get down from the car. Finally, he stirred and woke up.

Me : Dear, you woke up? I go toilet first. (I was at the back passenger seat)

He : Go lah, got pang-geo some more sit here do what lah.

Me : I am scared if I got down earlier without my handphone and money and you suddenly drove off without me….how? Who knows, you may not notice I am not in the car and got to KL without me. Here I am, no money, no phone, mah die lor. Stranded forever.

He : Heh, if I know already, I drive even faster.

Me : *blur* Huh? What you mean? *scratch head*

He : *roll eyes, need to explain his own joke* If I know you not here, I lagi drive away faster. Can off load the car, save petrol and go KL time, save money, less shopping.

Me : Lu..cibai lu. *pinch pinch pinch*

19 thoughts on “Joke only my husband can understand

  1. belle – Nope, second! Hahaha. Ya, very cute hor? 😉 But yalah, he very nice wan. Hehehe.

    mott – He is sleeping in his seat oso. Everyone dozing.

  2. wahaha… at the middle oh high way, need to walk to city lo if ur hubby left u…. that time u can experience “Journey to the west”…

  3. u dun worry u dun haf money and handphone can get stranded loh… men will surely drive u to ur destination wan lar..just need to ask only =P

  4. Hello Lilian. THis is my first time reading your blog. Nice theme.

    I don’t understand the joke neither. 😛 Maybe I am too young to understand at this time, heh.

  5. Lilian, you are very capable. U must be u-lui leh. Keep up the good work. Wished I had your stamina. Still, there is strong admiration for your effort. Keep it up.

  6. gwen – Hahaha, tenkiu! Learnt from my kids.

    agnes – Yalor, humour makes the world goes round.

    alice – Thanks. No lah, I don’t care much for the money wan, it is just targets to achieve. Hehehe.

    iz – Hey, tks for dropping by. 🙂

    sooi sooi – Yalor geo very suey wan, must pang pang pang away baru can releks. Hehehe, private joke hor?

    ree nee – Wuah…you got send regards to Bro Paul yet or not? Hahaha. You know hor, that day we stayed in MidValley and he stayed there as well. I wanted to ‘date’ him go mass at SFX and get him to drive me there . But dare not lor. So I pun skip mass as no transport.

    To the rest who dun get the joke – My husband means he so wanna escape and leave me there to cabut lari lah.

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