Self praise

My article is featured by AhPek’s blog as the first feature article. I wrote about Does blogging really make money?. I must say my photo with AhPek seems to shine. Hahaha, we are quite a pair, really. He is in his 50s? I am in my 40s. Yet, the two of us have quite a followings in our blog and both of us make money through blogging while maintaining a persona for our personal blog. AhPek and I have several blogs and we are never selfish in sharing what works and what doesn’t work. We have no problem telling people who is bullshitting and who are good examples.

(numbers are page impressions within certain number of hours, not the income hor, don’t mistaken hehehe)

Today, I can celebrate the success of my Make$ Money$ blog in a small way. Firstly, it has become one of the top channels on Adsense. Meaning, it draws most income amongst other blogs. Previously, I bought the domain just for fun and opened a blog in August 18th, 2006 with no direction on what to write in that blog.

But today, my Make$ Money$ blog is on page number one, position number 4-6 out of 400 millions pages with keywords like make money (results here) or how to make money or some related words like those. This is farking unbelievable to me at first. I thought it is just fluke on Google’s search engine results and just happen like hitting the jackpot. But it has been there for several days so I suppose my SEO skills do make an impact.

Next, this post which Wingz pointed out to me through MSN really make me blushed.

I would like to share some tips and tricks on how to be like Liewcf and Chanlilian. Wow its cool to be like those probloggers. But with all the hardwork theyÒ€ℒve done, they deserved it. Actually its easy to become a blogger but not easy to become a pro blogger,

(source : xyiryBlog)

Hehehe, zairy, don’t say like that. I am only a regular blogger and not a problogger. Never reach the standard of yet and don’t even dare to dream to do that one day. Malu nyerrr….

But hey, I have achieved my resolution number 7 for year 2007 before June finishes. So, cheers to myself!

It is hard work, trust me. There are many good things but there are some freaks who abused what I taught them as well. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.

14 thoughts on “Self praise

  1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ i was here. aiyahh.. accept your credits lar, problogger! we all think u are, only u think u’re not. booo! πŸ˜›

  2. hehe…actually you are reaching your way to the top… i will always keep in mind that youre one of the best lor… keep it up..

  3. Gaji leh?……. Gaji leh?……..

    Eh, one sentence wrong lah. I think you got the age group terbalik liao with Tom Shallack. Bwahahaha!!

    Dont forget to spit and pooh at the entrance ar????

  4. Visit my blog!!!! I very hansem!!! I semi pro ledi wan!!! I wanna be your fansee! ops i mean be my fansee!!!

    Visits Lojaks Year 2007!

  5. have to admit i am still skeptical… like i said… i cant have ppl telling that i am a blogger during my wedding… i know i know… it’s all in the head.

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