CKT is so ckt

Phuyohhhh….the next time you order something from the hawkers, please be kind. Don’t lor-lor-sor-sor say things like, don’t want garlic, extra kuchai, little bit of taugeh, no egg but extra noodle, less koay teow. I tell you, you make people cuntfuse.

That’s what I encountered this morning. I am assigned to take care of a char koay teow stall. The hawker only fry so I need to take the order and pack. The other church member collects the money. From 8.30 am until 12 noon, all I listen to are those things above. Lucky the people buying finally line up and it makes things so easy for me. Otherwise, I need to remember which person order how many packets or plates and how they want it and when they will come back and pick up. Arrggh…can go siao, I tell you. Somemore under the hot sun in a tent.


At 12 noon, my atm brought the kids to dump to me because he has gone off for badminton and lucky, I can escape after that. But not before I posing posing for a photo first lah. After standing there for four hours and looking at almost 100 woks of fried koay teow, I think I will swear off eating char koay teow, forever. Whoever mention CKT, I will puke.


The event is to raise fund for building a multi-purpose hall for the community in Sungai Ara. We need RM5 million to do that and this is part of the fundraising. My kid got a hand drawn Transformer painting. Nice event all together. Lots of foods, lots of games, concert, clowns…..Got FOS, got Starbucks, got don’t know what else cos I got no more money to buy liao.


I met DiscoveryMae there. And Lucia. And *waves* to Stephanie, who discovered my blog. Hahaha, I told Stephanie, my blog and my real person different hor? Sshhh…don’t tell people, ok? Hehehe.

Wokay, now I have to worry about tonight ‘cos I am meeting my ex-colleagues. Die lor, nine years never seen me. I no strength to go do hair, make-up or even find something to wear. Don’t care lah, mau mati ledi. Traders Hotel, anak orang kaya wedding, also boh chap. Yesterday whole day see orang utan, this morning see CKT and now, wah piang, all I want is to hide in my air cond room. And people, got see my recipe come out in The Star? Under Kid Chan’s photo?

CKT – Char Koay Teow
ckt – chi kik tiu (farking thrilling)

19 thoughts on “CKT is so ckt

  1. Nice of you to help out at fundraising events like that. So hot these 2 days. I like the last picture of Matthew. Cheeky.
    This morning I was wondering about the picture of Sesame Chicken, look so familiar till I read the details.
    I am already hiding at home from the hot sun, my pressure reading is going up liao…

  2. Maybe the people from ordering a grande 1% mochaccino with 2% frappe latte with faerie dust and sprinkles of leprechaun shitz from Starbucks ter-wandered over to the CKT stand??? (soorry i typing this blindly so if got typo i apologise!)

    ALSO ah! Why that clown is half, Ronald Mcdonald and upper half something else? Clowns freak me the hell out!

  3. Yeah, it’s hardwork but the satisfaction is there. šŸ™‚

    Yo, Enjoy yourself tonight. Don’t worry about it.

    Psst, anything pink tonight?

  4. Auntie Lilian, I saw your recipe, think I will give it a try next time I have the chance, got see my letter to the Education section mou? page E5 Education section.

  5. fuyohh~!! todayy damn hot ler..regret for wear black dere…farkin hot…but i love da food there. I miss the ckt. whee~!!

  6. How about this kind of people??
    I helped out in a seniors centre sometimes. and the 3 angmoh ladies in the front of the line asked 2 orders less chicken and one who is vegetarian said no chicken. Then I got a Vietanamese old lady who said “give me the chicken from those three in front of me plus mine!! and dont cheat me. ( the food is already subsidised by donations)

  7. glad to see you helping out in the carnival, lilian. i was also helping out in the game stall (light up my life stall) from 12 noon to 4.00pm. how come no see you at the game stalls? too tired eh? maybe you did came around when i was on ‘break’.

    ya true, it’s really a headache to remember all the different kind of orders so in a way i’m glad i’m not helping out in the food stall (me bad memory mah). haha.

    i wanted to blog about the carnival yesterday (with pictures) but something was wrong with my blog so can’t. will do it tonight.

  8. Aiya…I missed you again! I was there around 1 pm and yes, agree that it was a good event. I thought it was going to be VERY hot but the canopy and ceiling fans made it OK.

    Hubby and I bought loads of food back for us and family. And yes, even got a pack of it-that-cannot-be-named šŸ˜‰

    You’re so famous now even my Mom knows it’s your recipe in the Star. Kudos!

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