Celaka, apa Melaka?

Melaka people, I kasi you warning hor. Lu olang manyak suey. Apa pasal, you all never make any impact with things we can be proud off but go smear our whole nation’s name with a virus lah?

What they feed you in Melaka lah?

Associated Press

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — The state of Melaka is upset that scientists have named a new bat-borne virus after it, news reports said Sunday.

Australian and Malaysian scientists announced last week they had discovered a new virus likely carried by bats that can cause respiratory illness in humans.

They called it the Melaka virus, using the name of the southern state where it was isolated in early 2006 in a human patient.

Chief Minister Ali Rustam said Saturday the state does not want to be associated with the virus and called the name choice “an insult” to Melaka, which is a popular tourist destination because of its historical sites.

“Melaka is a good state, beautiful and peaceful, not the birthplace of diseases,” The Star daily quoted him as saying.

Ali said the state government would lodge a formal protest with Malaysia’s health ministry.

A spokesman in Ali’s office could not immediately be contacted. Health ministry officials declined to comment.


You see lah? You all so free, never do anything good. Go make our whole country malu nyerrrr…… So free, mah come spam my blog with lots and lots of hate comment lor. Like one mental nut did last night. Why go protest protest until now ended up on international news?

You say right or not?

14 thoughts on “Celaka, apa Melaka?

  1. Yalor hor. Waste so much time dunno for what. Do something productive lah. Like updating yourself on the issue. Issue also settled and closed liao.

    Why wanna start the fire again? After become haze then you choke how????

    Cannot simply call people names one. After sendiri kena balik. The universe very fair one.

  2. terence – Itu olang sudah kena virus, otak tak centre jek. LOL, now people are lost on what the heck we are talking lah. They didn’t see the 11 comments from Melaka IP left last night lah.

    But hor, itu CM oso satu maciam lah. Wanna protest over the issue, lagi the world will tear it apart and make it bigger lah. Name the virus Melaka oni mah. Not like name it Rustam virus. LOL.

  3. o m g….seriously??? out of the million of words to choose from they chose ‘melaka’? *slaps forehead*

  4. That’s part of Ali Rustam’s efforts to promote Melaka, having failed to get Melaka on the UNESCO World Heritage List, he’s now getting the state known by objecting to having a virus named after it, he believes bad news is better than no news. 🙂

  5. Yvy, you are typical Malaysian “mudah lupa”. Don’t forget the Nipah virus is name according to the place Nipah. :p

    Stupid politikus as usual. Name of the virus does NOT matters. The PR part are depends on, PR. For example, AIDS origin are always associate with Africa, even without any Africa country name in it. And most people know about bird flu zone than the name of the virus H5N1.

  6. what if a scientist discovered one type of aids-similar virus on a penangites and they name it after Penangaids disease…you fancy? You go travel and tell ppl you’re from Penang and ppl associate you with Penangaids…you sukakah??!!!

  7. this can affect the tourist industry indirectly? there must be a very good reason for them to use the same name for the disease if not then please don’t

  8. logicyuan – I guess like moo_t said lor, it is the PR. I am sure whoever name it prolly thought long and hard about it. They cud give a scientific name but they won’t. Why leh?

    kanasai – Kanasai, what’s your point exactly? I oredi said, why is the Melaka name used? Understand the point lah. The point is why they name Melaka in the first place.

    moo_t – Soon, we can see ppl burn banner and burn effify. LOL

    leah – I hope the matter didn’t blow too big and then, Malaysia masuk international news again.

    Yvy – Yalor, why not celaka hor? Nicer mah.

  9. -_-; *sigh* another genius production … no comment, i wanna go back Malaysia to eat, see friends and family, then faster cabut back here.

  10. Musicians, scientists and reseachers normally names new discovery of any form according to people, place or etc of its origin. Just like JE for virus and whatever C# in music for example. Naming convention of such way has been in practise for long long time.

  11. so stupid la, putting our legendary melaka name as a deadly virus name, what else they couldn’t think off?
    doing too much of research liao till gila already. should send his to tg rambutan

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