Farkiu indon haze (haze problem in Malaysia)

On July 26, 2006, I ranted about the haze in Penang.

On October 10th, 2006 Pak Lah demanded apology from Indonesia.

On August 11th, 2005, I also ranted about the haze.

171 hotspots in Sumatra


PETALING JAYA: The number of hotspots in Sumatra has almost doubled within 24 hours, signalling the onset of the forest-burning season in Indonesia which inevitably shrouds Malaysia in a haze.

According to Meteorological Services Department environmental studies director Lim Sze Fook, satellite images showed 171 hotspots in Sumatra as at 2.58pm yesterday compared to 91 at 3.05pm on Saturday.

(The Star)

I have plenty of posts on the haze but I am too lazy to dig it out. Because I cannot stop sneezing and now I got a sore-throat. b My ears are tearing from too much sneezing. KNN. So farkiu Indonesia for never resolving the same old same old problems of causing haze to all of us.

Referring to the current spell of haze that has shrouded the country, Azmi said the fires were in Jambi and southern Sumatra, with a few in Riau.

“It is difficult to gauge what will happen next because the haze this year has started slightly later compared with last year due to the prolonged wet weather,” he said.

(The Star)

Where got? Last year I only ranted on July 26th, this year July 1st already here. Mana lu dapat your records ah?

Cipet. Add your cusses please, free one, no charge.

21 thoughts on “Farkiu indon haze (haze problem in Malaysia)

  1. if only pak lah can solve this cibai haze problem as fast as he remarried!!

  2. farrrrkkkk… ** dig for face mask **

    *sigh*… soon I’ll see that Carrefour will have discount on air purifier.

    i remember 1 yr the haze so farkin teruk that my boss bawa the air purifier to the office. but he turned it on for his room and shut his door. how “nice” of him hor…

    no wonder i felt that i can’t breathe during the weekend. my dog also dunwan play outside liao…

  3. Niamah, KNN indon. Deng, the monsoon wind are gonna blow all their haze straight to us. If they like burning so much, volcano should pop in the middle of their plantation, wakakakakaa.

  4. haiya year after year the same problem occurs, i doubt there will be any action taken to curb it wan la…evry yr only know how to put the blame on someone

  5. burn edi, say sorry lor.. that’s what the farking indons are cleber at doing ma. some more pak lah also now busy with his new wife la.

  6. I worry a lot about the haze. My boys have weak lungs but I am more worried when I think of the small kids who have the same problem with haze. Respiratory problem. Is it slash and burn season in this time of a year? Does it have anything to do with palm planting?

  7. What are our leaders gonna do this year???

    Same as last year and the years before-NOTHING.

  8. HAHAHA, our leaders strategy to crisis management is keeping silent! Those who are supposed to be caught for open burning? Close one eye mah.

    A big chunk of the haze is contributed by Indonesians but our government still can’t do anything? And then the tourists say what “this is an annual event in Malaysia”. What a shame to us! I think it’s funny for us not trying to win back confidence in us at the international scene. BOO!!!

  9. this was the one and only thing that has been bothering me for awhile..
    can hardly breathe, weather’s all warm and humid, air’s thick and mood also all screwed up jor~!
    memang very the geram~!!!

  10. Fuck Indons’ government go to hell-lah…shit, what is our own damn government doing? Soon will have public holiday called Hari Jerebu or Haze Day….

  11. I understand Agnes’s prob. My kids have weak lungs as well and the haze brings with it multiple visits to the clinic.

    Someone should tell Bush, the Indons have WMD!!!

  12. Sen only k the bloody haze problem, it’s been an annual affair man! Lagi suey is that i’m going on a trip to a pulau on the west coast tmr, gone la my dream of capturing the scenic view of the pulau!

  13. very bo akai those ppl.
    every yr burn burn burn… creating problems for us neighbouring countries. cilaka betul. hopefully they burn themselves.

  14. actually its their silent and indirect war against us. after decades of the young and older generation breathing all the haze, we are too sick and bz coughing to defend the country… *KOFF*HACK*WHEEZE***

  15. blardee indons and their haze!! every year its the same blardee thing…and every year my sinus will act up and drive me crazy! have been sneezing non stop and making sooo many ‘wantans’.
    and what are our leaders doing about it? every year warn the indon and they just say sorry but no action. then we make artificial rain in msia which doesnt solve the main problem… ask indon to make artificial rain on THEIR blardee hotspots la!

    to protect ourselves from the haze, we need to use N95 dust masks…ordinary paper masks won’t do.

  16. TNCH, every year also like that keh. Now because of this stupid idiot thing, I am sick. Cannot eat alot of things liau. KNN, TNS, MKH, *-/@#+*&^%

  17. Indo is stupid….Malaysia is equally stupid….spending tonnes money on a foreign land. Findlah some way to blow 9 the haze back…use equally as much money kut.

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