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Blogging is the new black. It has exploded into the scene just a few years ago and in my humble opinion, it has the potential to get even bigger, better and more powerful. Currently, I believe many people are still not that familiar with the word blog. So, the market is there. Potential is huge. Everybody wants to get on the blog bandwagon.

But not all of us are familiar on how to start. So, this site, has made it easy for those eager to own a blog but aren’t sure where to start.


Over at, they have made it easy for everyone who are not familiar with the techie stuffs to sign up. The dashboard has been made easy to navigate with buttons like Blog, Photo, Video, Podcast and more. One just need to sign for a free blog and start to post their photos, videos, upload their podcasts and many more.

However, they do not just end at providing free blogging platform. According to their site, they emphasis on the community, i.e. where individuals can get to know each other through their community forum.

Besides that, they also hold contests and those members who posted the most and get a good rating stands a chance to win a holiday to Las Vegas (terms and conditions apply). From what I see, the site is still very new and most of the areas are not filled with members’ responses yet.

However, there are lots of entries from people writing about their daily lives and sharing their thoughts. I peek through some of the entries and found them to be extremely truthful and real. You don’t find these in some of our ‘veteran’ bloggers’ entries. We ‘veteran’ bloggers tend to write to cater to what others want to read. But these entries on are what the blogger or members really feel. There is some raw and unplugged feel to these jottings. Hmmm…it has been a long time since I read something that comes from the personal side and not the ‘i have to put on an act’ kind of writing.

I think is trying to capture the huge market of non-bloggers who are still contemplating on whether to be part of this cyberspace. It is their stepping stone of turning ‘public’ as a blogger. has enable them to step into the cyberworld with their voice, photos, entries, thoughts and give them a chance to widen their circle of friends.

Do I recommend it? Well, if you are still apprehensive on starting your own blog, take a ride and test it. It is free, after all.

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