Five dirty tricks to get lots of traffic, exposure and links

This is not a politically correct stuff so I am not writing it in my politically correct blog at Make$ Money$. However, these 5 crafty outside the box link-building tricks & tips by Tom Clitchlow‘s guest post on LinkBuildingBlog may give some of the desperadoes some lobangs (leeways) . You know…those who ping the same post twice or thrice on PPS, the kind who leaves comments without reading our post just because a link on our site is good and worthy and those who have to suck up to those femes bloggers for fame. Like OMGawd, OMGawd, I am quoted by…..(insert some femes blogger’s name)

So, all the desperadoes sekalian, sit down and listen properly :

1) Ensure you pick up all pages that mention your site but don’t link to you.

5xmom’s comments : This is way too hard and I can never muster enough courage to do so. But those who have signed up with Technorati, ping their post there, quoted my name….I do make an effort to drop by and thank them. I think all of us should do that because I feel very honoured whenever I am mentioned in positive tones. Those negatives ones? Close one eye lah.

2) Gain links from people trying to hot-link your images.

5xmom’s comments : I don’t have images stored on my site so I won’t be able to do this. But some kind folks do borrow photos from Flickr and they do link me. To those who steal my photo without giving a credit back to my site, I curse you lausai (diarrhoea) permanently until your intestines also come out from your butt and trailing along when you crawl around.

3) Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

5xmom’s comments : Snakey….I like! But nay, I hate my enemies and I think it is kinder I show them I hate them instead of putting on the Buddha’s face, scorpion heart facade. So, no, I won’t use this tips.

4) Flamebait – like linkbait only flame grilled.

5xmom’s comments : iLike! I thrive on flames because it makes blogging less mundane. And I do attract nutcases sometime and I admit it is good tension reliever when they give me the chance to tiu (diss) them.

The basic premise? Find a way to get sued. Working on the any PR is good PR (and equivalently, any links are good links) Andy Beal blogs about the subject in more depth here. The holy-grail for this tactic is to get sued by a company who no-one likes, that way you can get the social media crowd on your side!

Do you all remember the comment by PIKOM Chairman during the KL Bloggers gathering? He said we should aim to get sued. Woo hoo, I also like. So, who wanna sue me? Come lah. Come….come…..lai….lai……mari….mari….

5) Keep it funny schmuck.

Photoshop their pic, i.e.

Like this When to press the panic button. But don’t ever try on the wrong person or you die, I tell you.

So, how many dirty tricks from the above have you committed?

10 thoughts on “Five dirty tricks to get lots of traffic, exposure and links

  1. Tempted to try ….. lol

    Seriously, depends on how much you rate your own self esteem. lol It takes courage to be a snake…

  2. I love this layout the best!

    And although the idea of blogging for money is tempting, I just can’t get into the groove of it. It’s still going to be first and foremost like a journal and that’s it.

  3. *scratch head until my chair got dandruff*

    “…you attract some nuts”?

    how about A WHOLE LOT OF THEM?????!!!!!!!!

    Does this mean I have to write controversial stuff? Like.. like..”if Mr.Bean’s annoyed look looks like Dr.M’s annoyed look”?


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