I got a burning piece of charcoal in my throat

I got sandpaper throat

My nose stings when I breath

It drips so bad I almost slurrrrrp the mucuous when I drink my hot soup

I got a fever but I am too lazy to dig where the paracetamol is

I can down a 1000 mg Postan and don’t bitch about the sore throat and stinging nose and fever but this is my blog

I can swallow either a Clarinese, Claritine, Actifed or whatever anti-histamines in the fridge and stop bitching but this is my blog
(eh, my niece is a pharmacist and my nephew a doctor so I am not likely to kill myself taking the wrong meds, ok?)

So here I am, bitching because our Government choose to pretend that the haze will not appear every year. If I am the Pee eeM, I will tell the neighbour who sends the haze that I am going to pack their labourers back in the next tongkang. Please lah, now we have Nepalese, Myanmar, Bangladeshi, Pakistan (yummm some of the men from these countries are so hensem, I wanna keep a
garderner to trim the bushes). Give them a bit of scare lah, Mr. Pee eeM. What’s holding you back?

Niamah, where is my box of tissue again?

Oh ya, I change template to release tension. Got nice?

23 thoughts on “iSick

  1. Trim what ‘bushes’? *wink wink* LOL! 😀

    Template got nice but banner become so small lah…if banner can fit the whole stretch baru ada oooomph!

    *Get well soon ya auntie!

  2. So many years liao. Same outcome…. no outcome.

    Why no one go wave the keris at Indonesia ar???? All quiet only. No heroes on the haze issue. I wonder why.

  3. can’t even see pulau jerajak / QB from penang bridge when i was on the way to work from bworth this morning. and what is the government going to do about this??

    The answer:
    “..any plans made by Malaysia to help Indonesia combat haze could not be implemented unless a Memorandum of Understanding is signed with the Indonesian government” (The Star)

  4. Terence – *phrroottt* and throws germs to Melaka

    sy – Yalor, where is the rain huh? That day rain so much.

    terence – Dare not tell you, later I masuk makan gulai nasi.

    ahpek – iHepi

  5. your turn to get sick! drink lotsa water & get plenty of rest, get atm to massage your feet, pour bath for u & cook dinner also!

  6. Wuah I am also sick!!!!!
    Sore throat and running nose that runs a marathon!!
    Then then I also got cough.
    Bloody haze. Yep,blame the haze because I am also grumpy when I am sick.

    Hope you get better 5xmom. Drink loads of water and rest a lot. And keep your hand off this blog for a while! Take your rest and come back with hot stories. XD

  7. looks like a lot of ppl are ‘suffering in silence’ because of the haze! get well soon everyone! me included…:( 🙁

    lilian…very like-y the new layout. 🙂

  8. No need to worry your soup not salty enough if “it” really does drips into the soup … eeewwww. LOL.

    Take care and get well soon.

  9. Harlow….I coff coff coff and ahchoo ahchoo ahchoo still. So tenkiu for the comments. My brain too stuffed to think and reply hor.

  10. (吉隆坡3日訊)首相拿督斯里阿都拉認為,“煙霾來來去去,而且煙霾也不是新的課題,煙霾不請自來”。


    Abdullah:” Haze come and go, this is not new, haze came by itself.

    my english no good, but i try translate oso la. That’s PM’s simple reponse to the haze questions…semua OK!

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