My little city boy

He hasn’t seen a goat before. Domesticated animals, meant for our dinner table are as interesting as the gorillas in the jungle to him.


Then again, to a four years old, he hasn’t seen a lot of things.

Like he has never seen his mom wearing skirts until now. I bought a couple of skirts and dresses during Chinese New Year and only wore them few days ago.

And he went, “Oi, you look like a girl hor?”

I replied, “But I am a girl!”

He answered, “No, you look like you got boyfriend like that.”

Then, son #2 happened to pass by.

#2 son, “Huh, what boyfriend ah?”

#5 son replied, “Mommy wear like this look like a girl hor?”

And I muttered under my breath to #2 son, “Niamah, your brother thinks I bapok kah?”

And it dawned on me what he meant with ‘you look like you got boyfriend”. He said I look like a girl and I look young. Eheh, it is not easy to decipher a four years old language, you know?

Eh, people, why you all never say anything in my previous post lah? Nervous jek.

14 thoughts on “My little city boy

  1. first to comment!!! wakakakaka

    well, kids do say the darnest things, remember bill cosby’s show? haha. at least you know it comes from the bottom of his heart, now you know that you definitely have market value with miniskirts! šŸ˜›

  2. my aunty told me, during her days in university in canada, the “ang moh” didnt know what is a cow looks like. they live in big city and hardly can see those animals. thats why when u see “ang moh” travel to malaysia, they like to take pictures of everything.

  3. aiya, so wasted wear few times only….wear it when you go kai kai lah….you no need have to carry your son, so very convienence for you to wear skirt mah….

  4. My son is also 4yrs old. Earlier this year, he told someone “My daddy’s kukuciao is black color wan. My wan is white color wan”. Sei moh! šŸ˜›

    I had a hard time explaining to him why we cannot tell people these things.

  5. bryan – Wah, lu balik! Gua manyak luit stucked in PayPal liao. LOL.

    clare – Got small kids kenot wear skirt wan, can expose wan.

    adrian – LOL, you almost killed me with that! Haiyor, how embarassing hor?

    lovelymummy – Yalor, now only can buy high heels and wear skirt back. Ish so long no wear, wear time feel so funny lah.

    sasha – Oi, you get to wear to work everyday. Not like us, stay home all day, very few chances mah.

    wendy – Hahaha, yalor, yalor, all so curious. See ducks and chicken also happy.

    terence – Tiu

    ahpek – Wait, we have bloggers gathering again, I kasi wear mini mini, ok? Hahaha.

    agnes – Yalor, he think I am genderless, I think.

    sotong – Hahaha, hehehe. Hope he means it.

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