How Adam and Eve caused me extra work

Long ago, before Eve ate the forbidden fruit….


But she had to spoil it all and took a bite of the forbidden fruit and gave Adam a bite as well…

(again censored)

Why lah Eve? You go and take the forbidden fruit and now, I have to fold baskets and baskets of laundry. The mountain of clothes never seem to finish. Towels, bedsheets, underwears, panties, bras, pyjamas, shorts, school uniforms, sarongs, working clothes, shirts, dresses…..

(more censoring)

So you see, because of one mistake Eve and Adam did, now I am forever a slave to fold the clothes. Have you ever think? How nice it is to be like those tribes in the deep, deep jungle? They have never heard of (censored) and hence, they never need to wear clothes. Not even a fig leave or bamboo skirt. Because of that, they never have to worry about their body shapes. They don’t need slimming centres or wonderbra.

All because of you, Eve. You caused me so much tired hands, folding those dang laundry.

(lagi kena censored)

(If you are interested to know more about the creation of man, read Genesis which is the first book, first chapter of the Bible)

And this is a part humour post of my laundry folding rant and part of explaining why men and women have so much troubles in life.

All the parts are censored by my ‘teacher’ who suddenly turned very yehsou-ish lately. Blame him for the censored parts.

16 thoughts on “How Adam and Eve caused me extra work

  1. And here I was blaming my husband and kids for all the laundry when I really should have been blaming “Eve”. LOL

  2. But on the bright side, we can now have apple pie!!

    Yeah, I Love apple pie. Talking about it, maybe I’ll make one

  3. oi who is the censorship board?


    anyway…yeah how come laundry can never fnish wan.? *scratch head* forever there’s one mountain in my room. dammit. *censored*

  4. Hang clothes to dry on hangers. Once dry they go directly into the cupboard. Works for me..

  5. wahhh… like hollywood movie showing in malaisia lidat. little while censor, little while censor. sampai don’t know head or tail oredi.

  6. (censored)

    (again censored)

    (more censoring)

    (lagi kena censored)

    Ok, I’m done dropping my comment. Hehe… :p

  7. I hate doing my LAUNDRY, luckily I hav Kakak who does this for me everyday. BUT I still hav to arrange all my clean clothes into the wardrobe. It normally sits in the basket for 5-7 days until I have the “FEEL LIKE IT MOOD” to arrange it into my wardrobe. That’s the main reason why girls buy more clothessss!!

    And EVe!! I wanna marah you kao kao! Bcoz of you we have to wear BRAs!! You NOTI GAL!!!!!

  8. Wah, 5xmom oso got censorship board hah.

    Me laundry basket, always full. Basket containing clean folded clothes waiting to be ironed, always full. Sigh … seldom empty … becoz the cycle goes on – wash, iron, wear, wash, iron, wear!

  9. cindy – I hate all the same. How nice to wear disposable! Haha.

    eve – Its all yr fault!

    mendee – Imagine 6 times of that lor. But my atm took care of his own so I am saved.

    marie – yalor, I folded liao, my kids oso won’t bother to keep them so I mah leave it there lor.

    terence – Maaf tuan, lupa tuan.

    bryan – Pandai lu

    agnes – Those small small pieces the hardest to fold hor?

    ahpek – Yalor, if not later backside kena grill

    budokid – Haih…..

  10. kim – Hahaha, now you see it different hor?

    helen – But that adam’s apple no use one. However, some guys’ ones do look macho hor?

    sasha – yalor, I dem hate it and now it is a permanent feature in my living room. Hahaha.

    rizlan – For bujang clothes can lah, tapi for my whole family, how lah. Anyway, we use clothes dryer so no need to hang, that’s one less chore to do.

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