Where to find aerosol, soap, toilet and tissue dispenser, cleaning chemicals hand soaps

In case you wonder why the long title, it is because I am getting paranoid with my flu bug. I have been sick since Monday and I have never been sick for this long. I need my voice and my strength by tomorrow. So, I get a little overboard with personal hygiene and do not wish my kid to get it from me. Taking care of myself is tiring enough.

DSC00257See the amount of tissues I used? I think that’s almost a jungle of trees that were used. So, remember to keep yourself clean when you get the flu bug. Pass the love, not the bug.

With the current haze, almost all my neighbours are sick too as I can hear coughing from every unit of the apartments when I passed by. The one closest to me boil these Chinese herbs which make me wanna puke! I really, really hate the haze. It is time to get one of these air ionizer to clean the air, isn’t it?


No, I don’t sell it. A friend told me about it but I doubt it will work for me as I am every where around the house and hence, will not get the benefits unless I hide in my bedroom 24/7 with the ionizer as my pillow. But if you are working in an office or wish to make sure your child’s room is clean, you can find out more details from the internet.

I got the photo from Vertex Century which is a distributor and supplier of cleaning detergents and janitorial products in Malaysia and as well as globally. Take a look at the site. They are like the cleaning freak because they have every thing to keep your house clean. I bet those things we use in public toilets like the soap dispenser, the hand soap, toilet paper dispenser and all those multi-coloured cleaning chemicals are supplied by them as well.

Now, I wonder if anyone has the stomach to eat wantan? Wantan in soup? Yellow colour, slimy, smooth, saltish? Want?

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  1. It’s flu season over here as well, with the cold weather and all. Don’t forget your dose of vitamin C, but I guess you already know that.
    I use aromatherapy to assist when I feel unwell. Here’s some suggestions if you’re interested.
    All these are pure essential oils combinations to be use in oil burner or vaporiser.

    Anti-viral: Purify the air. Optimal blends to burn when your condition is infectious. 2 dops Neroli + 2 drops Tea-tree+1 drop Eucalyptus + 1 drop Thyme.

    Flu prevention: Help to ward off any flu viruses that might be hanging around. 3 drops Clove + 3 drops Cinnamon

    Clear the air: 3 drops Bergamot + 3 drops Lavender

    I’ve tried them all, they helps and smell divine!
    You can also try the Soothing honey lemon drink.
    Get well soon. 🙂

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