Who wants to tok kok, please log into my new blog now

Ok, I am suppose to launch my new blog under chanlilian.org tomorrow on 7th July 07. But this shitty cold has left me with little mood for it. The blog is still naked, as Helen and AhPek said.

But, what I had planned was to have friends/blog buddies/blog readers/blog haters/blog shitters/relatives to go open ceremony by writing there. You know…like house warming like that.

If you have never written on a blog before and not sure how to manoeuvre, don’t worry. You can try now or draft it on paper and email to me. But I strongly encourage to give it a try. It is not difficult at all.

First, login in to http://chanlilian.org/wp-admin

The user name is : fansee Fansee (bodoh nyer, I use a capital, sorry)

The password is : dunno

Remember to leave your name and URL ok?

You only have contributor level so don’t worry about killing my blog. It won’t die with pressing of the red button.

And what are you supposed to write?

Just anything. Anything but me. It is not a bodek post, please. You can share about your own blog, remember to put a link there. You can talk about how you hate blogs. Or how bloggers are so corrupted with earning money. Just blab away lah.

And what’s in it for you? For every post I passed through (I will vet a bit in case people flame me mah), I will donate RM10 to a charitable cause, up to a maximum of RM300. Eheh, I am very ambitious like that, hor? Don’t know can even get 10 persons or not. So, pass the words to your friends lah. I haven’t tested the login yet. Hope it works lah. If not please let me know?

29 thoughts on “Who wants to tok kok, please log into my new blog now

  1. Wah…business so good. Tenkiu.

    Actually hor, I clumsy go use a capital F. I change already :

    Password : dunno

    User : Fansee (use capital F)

  2. Do I qualify as charitable cause??? I very ‘cham’ you know.

    My Credit Suisse account number you know lah. Tenkiu.

  3. Congratulations on your new blog spot. chanlilian.org.
    Aiyer.. can go in but soooooo slow on my side or too many contributers?
    chanlilian.org sounds funny ler… like a clansmen organization…
    I’ll try later to login..

  4. Dang.
    You should’ve mentioned that we are not allowed to edit posts, because I’m not quite done yet, but I clicked the SAVE button. I forgot to introduce myself! LOL. You intro me la OK? šŸ™‚

  5. yay..can post liao…and i went to go pledge to do something so potentially humiliating…i tell you…this is the power of aunty lilian….!!! šŸ˜›

  6. Thank you aunt Lilian for fixing my edit post!

    Keep on blogging and sharing your thoughts.
    muacks! šŸ˜€

  7. DONE! I just notice I can even go edit other ppl post -.-‘ Don’t worry, I didn’t do that, I only edit my own post. I can’t publish the post myself, so will have to wait Lilian to publish it. Hehehe…

  8. Auntie Lilian, impossible can’t get pass 10 people. Even 100 people I also believe will have since you’re so popular and have lots of fansees like us.

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