A rainy, boring Sunday with some thoughts on faith

Weekends are not meant for blogging. But what’s good a blog if the blogger can’t just express his/her thoughts anytime he/she feels like it.

I am getting a respite from the usual Sundays for a few months because there is no more choir practice which normally ate up my Sunday mornings. I normally go to church on Saturday evenings (which is a sunset mass counted as Sunday). Talking about mass, it is Bible Sunday this weekend and yesterday, we, the lectors (those of us who read the Bible or call proclaiming the Word of God) have to animate (conduct) the mass yesterday evening. So, they put me in charge of passing the money bag around.

If you have watched Mr. Bean or American’s Funniest Home Video, you will probably know what a money bag is. It is this cloth bag attached to a long stick (like a mop’s handle). We (the ushers/wardens) will pass it from pew to pew and all the people will drop the money inside. Well, the reason people give money is because our churches have to run on our own resources, i.e. money we collectively give. Otherwise, who is paying for maintenance, staff salaries, community works etc? Moreover, our money is blessings from God and whatever we can afford, we drop it in that money bag as thanksgiving.

Ok, now the funny part. I arrived a bit late yesterday because my four years old wanted to come along and it took me extra time to get him ready. By the time I got there, all the others have claimed their individual pews and left only Pew #5. And I wondered why Pew #5? It turned out to be a tricky one because it was split in the middle. With normal pews, there is a huge aisle in between for us to walk. With the spilt, I only have a tight space to walk through.

As I was going around with the long stick, the scene from one of the American Funniest Home Video kept buzzing in my head. The stick is long and I was so afraid that I will accidentally jab someone’s face or groin with the other end if I am not careful. I know it is a bad thing to think of AFHV when I should be thanking and praising God for all the money that these generous people give. But instead of seeing the face of our local parishioners, I was actually looking out for Mr. Bean sitting there with his teddy.

On the serious side, it was a very eye opening mass yesterday. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. (Jesus said in Matthew 28:20). This is a good reminder. It is not easy to be a blogger and a Christian. A lot of bloggers won’t mention they are Christians. And a lot of Christians don’t think it is fitting to be a blogger. Whatever. I am happy as I am.

2 thoughts on “A rainy, boring Sunday with some thoughts on faith

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA. how come you didnt laugh! >=| i would have laughed while collecting the money there and make a fool outta myself

  2. There are a lot of Christian. I think blogging can be a good way to share your life and your faith in a casual manner.

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