I am vain, are you?

Not very happy with the result below. It should be at least 90%. But then, some of the questions are pretty silly. Giddy Tigers wants to know if I am vain. Giddy Tigers is from the same church as me but we met only once. See? Both of us are so vain, we never bother to even say hi as we were busy checking our own images on the stained glass windows. Hahaha.

You Are 74% Vain

You’re a little vain, but you also work hard for your good looks.
Just remember, everyone knows you are a total hottie. You don’t have to remind them.

Just last night, I forced someone to say I am humble.

Me : Bla bla bla…but I am very humble hor?

He : …………

Me : SAY IT!

He : *cold sweats*


See? Only a person as vain as me will resort into arm twisting like that to hear what I want to hear.

Other things about me:

1) I have so many pairs of shoes, some of them are only worn once.

2) I have so many clothes, I haven’t finish wearing them.

3) I make sure when I walk, I leave a breeze behind me.

4) I think I am the best in everything. Everything and everyone else comes second.

5) I just have to buy the latest spring, summer, falls and winter make-up collection, eventhough we only have summer all year long.

6) I think it is not wrong to be vain. God and my mom would be terribly pleased, err…I think?

7) I think I know everything so I am very smart, actually.

8 ) If I see a beautiful woman, much more beautiful than me, I will secretly wonder how miserable her life is. Hehehe. I wonder how many mistresses her partner has, besides her?

9) If I see a woman my age who looks younger than me, I will wonder where she did her plastic surgery and how she got the money. Is the husband a drug dealer or something?

10) I am so vain, you cannot say no. SAY YES!

Now, I want to know who else is vain? Go take the test and leave your reply here or blog it. And don’t forget to link me. You must link me, cos I said so. Hehehe.

13 thoughts on “I am vain, are you?

  1. Wah, you are indeed very vain haha.

    I’m sure I’m not vain at all, every time people say wah you are good at this and that, I will reply so Asianly that no lah, I’m not good lah…

  2. Vain is a relative term. You vain lost to SIL for many miles .

    Reason : he bought iPhone and say this “the iPhone should be like the second wife you have fun with after your number one has done all the work.”

  3. giddy tigers – LOL, I so busy selling CKT. All I see are which one dunwan prawns, which one dunwan cockles, which one paid and which one want takeaway. That one not call vain, call mong jor.

    agnes – Wuah, you angel or what? You see other beautiful women, u dun think funny ideas meh?

    tine – I think the part about underwears lah. Who wears designer underwear wor. RM180 for a panty?

    lingzie – Gud luck with your belly dancing and losing weight!

    moo_t – Who is SIL?

    Julia – No, if fart, must run or else ppl can sniff.

    choonie – Tks

    bee ean – Yalor, that’s what I always do. Haiyor, what I write here, 74% fake wan lah. Chey, think I so vain meh?

  4. Hi Lilian,

    I am fairly new in blogsphere and i liked to read your blog. Just taken the vanity test. 🙂 It was a fun thing to do. 🙂 Keep posting. Your blogs are very interesting to read. Keep it up! 🙂

    P/s: Can i link you to my blog?

  5. LOL … I don’t believe half of what you wrote about yourself 😛

    Anyway, sometimes being vain is fun. Especially when you are having girly chats with your best friend 🙂 That’s part of the fun for being girls 😉

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