So, the boyfriend and the mom killed her own daughter?

I caught it on TV3 news that the mother of the four year old girl and her boyfriend have been remanded. The clip showed the two of them crying in the police truck. Earlier today, my relative who cleans house for me told me that she already heard from the market that it was the little girl’s mom doing. It got me sick to the stomach. Because this is not the first case where the woman got problems with her marriage, find a new guy to ‘tau thau’ (kanfu, having affair, zina) and in the process, got her own child killed and murdered gruesomely.

Then, I was in at the dentist clinic today and happened to grab a copy of Guang Min Ribao and saw the photos of the sites where she was burned and disposed off.

The latest news from The Star:

PENANG: The couple arrested in connection with the murder four-year old Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying, have been remanded until July 18 for police to complete investigations.

Balik Pulau OCPD Supt Mohd Hatta Mohd Zain said police believe they have solved the case with the arrest of the 28-year old woman and the 29-year old man.

“The man, a karaoke lounge manager, was arrested a few years ago in connection with a fight.”

“He and the woman have been together for about a year. The woman is in the midst of getting a divorce from her businessman husband.

“We are waiting for her husband’s return from China to get his statement,” he told a press conference Monday.

*sigh* What sort of animals will kill a little girl like that, burnt her and throw the body parts all over the island? Then, lied that the girl was lost and played along in searching for her? Well, this is assuming that the mom was aware of the murder. And even if she is not, it was her own foolishness to subject her daughter to live with this sort of animal? Love is fatal, isn’t it?

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  1. It’s so sad and sickening.

    did u do anything with yr feeds? the old one won’t work, i hv to resubscribe.

  2. Arrr…her mum killed 1 ka??
    the lil girl so cute lei..
    she leave her with babysitter isit?
    who is the woman who is the man??

  3. this is shocking to me -_-” i never once thought it was the mother.

    some more mca help out and all. terrible terrible 🙁

  4. My heart full of pain and sadness to know children suffer and die from their cruel parent. This is not the first time an innocent child murdered for such reason. May angels protect the innocent children’s lost soul and guide them back to God.

  5. sometimes people are just so twisted. what kind of mother is she to kill her own flesh and blood? Aiya earlier also agak liao cause which mother is foolish enough to leave her precious daughter standing by the roadside?

  6. i heard it over the radio this morning & honestly, i couldn’t stop thinking about it since. coincidently my hubs talked about having a baby last night & i began imagining how would it feel to be a mom… when i heard about this, i put myself in little ying ying’s mom’s shoes… what would made me/her so dumb as to trust this guy with my girl? what made me/her so dumb to cover up for this guy after that?
    let us pray that little ying ying was peaceful when she died (till now i’ve not read any report on how she die. suffocation? abused? rape? [God, please no, not rape]) & that she’s happy by Lord’s side & that she forgives her mommy… 🙁

  7. coincidentally, (as appeared in the star website) both the “suspect” and the mother are in the midst of divorces and both of them have their husbands in China.

    so? 😀

    suspect = mother


  8. This news was really shocking me too! How could they sampai hati killed their own child? If don’t want it just give to someone la! Children are so innocent, that’s really unfair to them!

  9. perhaps these are the reasons why i took psychology….. seriously, what drives these people to commit such an act?..

    it is rather disgusting. i wouldn’t mind if they decided to give the children away for adoption, but why murder? why..? ~sigh…

    – innocenté

  10. I couldn’t believe it at first because it was first reported in the Chinese newspaper the mother helped protect the bf. I told my hubby dun trust so much chinese paper… (at that time other English paper were not picking this up)

    Sad to say it’s the truth.

  11. If it’s really the mother who planned and faked (and conned everybody including the MCA) the ‘disappearance’ and subsequent murder of her own daugher, then … aiyoh, I don’t know what to say lah. This is not the first case in recent memory. Remember not so long ago there was this woman who screamed hell and high heaven that her daughter was missing from a shopping complex, and then it turned out that she and her boyfriend wanted to get rid of the child.

  12. Tis is certainly the job of a monster. Can’t understand nor imagine how a WOMAN can kill her own child whom she had carried in her for 9 meaningful months. The kicking and movement of the baby in the stomach … doesnt she have any maternal love for the child? Guess not since it’s sorta conspiracy based on what is read in the papers.

    Hope the judges will sentence them the same fate – capital punishment.

  13. OMG I din realise that the 28-year-old suspect is the mother. I’ve been following this news since day1 and I understood that the suspect is a close relative. Never in my mind that I thought it is the mother. I felt so sympathy on the mother and wondered how she will cope. Now I am so shock to learn that the real culprit is the mother.

  14. If my wife and her lover killed my daughter, I will give everything I own to see that they will suffer even more horrible deaths.

  15. Is love blind or what?

    2nd – how could a mother could cook up a story that the daughter has gone missing and getting the entire world to help for searching?

    If she’s a responsible & mature mother, she wouldn’t be leaving the daughter in the car or next to the car and pay for the ticket. Which is more important? Doesn’t she has the brain to think and weigh? Risking a child’s safety and pay for the ticket?

    There are many women in the world whom is trying to conceive but unsuccesful, but this damn woman could murder her own daughter?!

    Even it’s proven that the boyfriend accidentally killed her, she as the mother can make the report why would she help to hide?

    She’s only 4 years old, not even have a chance to see the world.

  16. THE MOTHER???????? SHIT! give to ppl la. so many couples out there wanna have kid also no chance. this ppl go and kill an innocent life. fark.

  17. It is so sickening to hear such news.. Parents are suppose to protect their children.. not involved in their murder and pretended that the child got kidnap… That is conspiracy to murder to me..

    I hope the couple get what they deserve especially the “so called” mother…

  18. Sometimes people do a lot of foolish things in the name of LOVE, even to the extend of hurting those who love them. Her daughter looked up to her because she’s the mom. Yet she could act as an accomplice in this gruesome drama……..People are so evil nowadays.

  19. you guys ever watch csi? these things happen. Mayb the mother and new boyfriend thought it would come in the way of their new life? but in that episode, I think a little girl was poisoned. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrr….teng teng teng!!! Like another CSI episode as well.. somehow they managed to accidently killed the little girl.. and this whole thing is a botch up attempt to cover up the whole thing up…
    We might never know the motive or why. One things for sure though, these two are definitely STOOPID.

  20. pure selfishness. in order to have a life of her own, she’d rather sacrifice her own daughter.

    *the hand that feeds you kills you*

    her conscience (if there is one) will punish her whole life now.

  21. Media is making headline about this news. IMHO, they just turn the whole sad news into cheap short entertainment to boost sales.

  22. this is a very sad thing to hear. My heart were so pain when I heard that. Normally I go kopitiam for breakfast, I don’t kepo what ppl are talking but this morning I also cannot tahan until I campur masuk the aunties punya conversation. I told them, they should not be just hang to die like that but in fact they should torture them t die slowly. Let them feel the pain. If they don’t want the girl hor, I also don’t mind to take her up. Even I am not rich, it’s still ok. I am willingly to take care of her. Because of the adult punya gatalness, the poor girl got it. *silence and make a pray for ying ying* 🙁

  23. It’s so so so sad innit? The girl is so adorable…and they have the heart (no, they don’t have a heart at all) to kill her….slaughter chicken izit? Idiots!

    May the almighty God look after her and may her soul rest in peace. Amen.

  24. I read in Star that when the mother came home, the girl is already dead meaning the guy killed her. I really don’t understand how could they do that. And even if he killed her, why is it that the mother must help in to chop the kid into two and burn her? How can she even do it and then report her missing? Even if she is not sentenced to death, I think she will not have a happy life. Seeing her own child, chopped and burnt. Haih, some people, don’t love kids don’t bring them into the world la. Don’t want kids also, give to people la. I am sure many people wants that little girl. Don’t end her life like that. We can only pray that Ying Ying is safe in God’s hand now.

  25. I’m saddened by this incident, let us pray and cultivate a loving society. It need to be start somewhere, and it starts from us …

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