Asstro’s FUN FUN FUN on channel 030 is a hoax. Read on.

I had the pleasure of coming home early from work for a few days last week. Being an Ah Beng, I turned on the TV and watched the program. You have to be one of the 100th lucky callers to get a chance to answer those ‘Ah Kua’ trivia questions. Every call will cost you RM3.00. So 2 days in a row, I called the number from my land line and on those 2 days I was one of those so called ‘LUCKY'(not) 1ooth caller.

And you know what? They didn’t farking called me back. Me being ‘kuai lan’, emailed ASSTRO and ranted. The next day, they called me and asked me what was the problem. I told them what was the farking point of being the 100th caller and don’t get a chance to answer those trivia questions? They replied that firstly, I have to be the 100th caller (which I was) and secondly, the operator have to call me back as there are many ‘100th callers’ (relatives and friends waiting) in the hoax program. Their excuse explanation to me was there was so many 100th callers on those 2 days, they were calling their friends and relatives didn’t have time to return call to me.

Both days I got thru at around 1730hrs. The hoax program is from 1700hrs-1800hrs and they couldn’t return my call in 30 minutes. If you had actually watched the hoax program, there is an idiot standing in front of the camera with a clocking ticking and waiting for callers to be put through. There is no more than 15 callers in a program. So I don’t understand why I was not given the chance. So, if you always wanted to try, stop calling after 1725hrs because after that, they won’t have time to call you back.

The T&C of the program should be: Be the 100th caller, if we feel like it, we will call you back. Probably we won’t. We might call our friends and relatives others instead and give them the prizes.

ASSTRO, compare my TM bill against your tracking system if you think you I am lying. Then I shall see what you have to say. Maybe I should forward an email to the Ministry.

Its not about the money (I have enough), its about the principle.

So, can you imagine how fat Asstro is with all the RM3 calls? Who else have been cheated in this manner?

*This post is a community message from 5xmom’s # fansee aka Chao Ah Beng who got conned by Asstro*

13 thoughts on “ASSTRO’s FUN FUN FUN

  1. I was going to ask why on earth would you pay RM3 a call for these sorta things, but nah, let’s leave that for another time 😉

    I reckon the operator’s real stupid to even tell you that there are many 100th callers. You have 98th, 99th, 100th, etc etc caller. Thus making only ONE 100th caller. Where got such thing as many 100th callers?? Unfortunately, you’ve been taken for a pansy by these money-making bastards. I’d write to Asstro about this, and CC to the consumer authorities.

    terence: I tried just for fun and got to be one of the 100th callers. I guess they took me for a ride and maybe others as well.

  2. I wouldnt have called in the first place (: all this is rubbish. U gullible, u pay! tada

    terence: Read properly lah, I was free that week so I tried for fun. TADA???, NAH!!!

  3. i dun get it either..u saying tat there are alot of 100th callers?? wat talking u??.. rubbish asstro..thats wat u get in m land

    terence: Yalor, where got so many 100th callers one. Its a hoax.

  4. ASSTRO. I like that.

    Anyway, about this program..Real Con job. Notice the showtime. 5pm to 6pm. Normally this time only naive students or housewives or maids tune in to astro. Parents or Rich Husband not at home. Boring? Call lah. Maybe can win. Somemore, answer is given woh???!!

    Really ASS ASSTRO!

    Somemore show on channel 30 Wah Lai Toil! Most expensive ie., Dynasty package. Most advertisement. Pls note that tvb shows shown in hong kong is free. So why we have to pay so much for these old 1 year old series?

    Why not just download from internet?? How? Google for it lah!

    terence: Yeah, so many adverts but still raised subscription fees.

  5. This is indeed a Stup*d show. The host will be enticing the audience with practically give away answers.. The prize is not much most of the time its below RM100 but have anyone seen the logic behind the show? I mean money making scheme the Sattelite TV has… Every caller will be charged RM3 per minute or part of it. If you are being put on hold, that will be a lot of money. Only every 100th caller will have a chance to win the displayed amount.

    If you do the math. 100 x 3 = RM 300, how would anyone know when the 100th caller has been selected? You DON’T. They can claim but anyone can proove other then the organizer?

    This is truely an ingenious scam to get the public’s money. Kudos sattelite TV.

    terence: I wonder what they are doing is LEGAL or not.

  6. wow… never thought astro, being a reputable company… can do such a thing!

    terence: Boleh land. Like their own tagline- Macam macam ada!

  7. Eh, for RM3, i return your call lah, NAH… take down my account number…. xxx5467x8x8x, what time you want me to call you back? 1726hrs??? LOLZ!!!

    All these SMS or call-in games, all con jobs lah. raking in innocent public cash only.

    terence: My number is 012-*** 6969. Call me. LOL.

  8. No, better idea when all have to subscribe to see me dance online, lol

    terence: Hmmm. What kind of dance?

  9. HOI terence – Dun spoil market lah. You reply so detailed, I where got time do to the same? Later ppl demand you blog everyday, habis lah my bisness. You Mr. Mohan or what lah?

    terence: I am mental. Remember???

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