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KCLau’s Money Tips is a blog by KCLau, a Malaysian who compiles lots of tips and advices on personal financial planning. Hig tagline – Protect, accumulate, preserve, and manage your WEALTH wisely!

Few nights ago, he approached a few bloggers to ask for an interview on how much they are worth as bloggers but knowing how secretive our real probloggers are, I decided to reply. I bet KCLau won’t be able to get any response from those who makes real money from the internet. So, you can read the Personal Finance Interview with 5xmom at KCLau’s site.

Me, being the empty tin who actually don’t make much but gives the impression that I do, jumped in with some funny replies. But to be on the serious side, at our age, it is time we seriously manage our finance well because of the number of children depending on us. Anyway, we have lived a frugal life all along so they won’t have to bear our burdens. I just hope I have enough to spare for me to elope to……yeah, everyone knows that…the Swiss alps with a horny rich, angmoh (red hair/caucasian) one day.

KCLau has given me some links which will come in useful to me should I decide to prepare a will. Well, earlier, my reasoning was all the money, properties and etc are in joint-name with my hubby. So, that part is pretty safe if something hapenned to him as I will have access to them. However, it never occured to me the situation where both parents perished. Now, that is food for thoughts, isn’t it? All you will writers out there, care to share your input?

Before 5xmom start to draft her will, I suggest that she read some of my articles regarding wealth distribution. These might be helpful:
Child Protection: Setup Incentive Living Trust
Managing Risk of Double Tragedy
Save money by writing Will

KCLau, thanks for the honour. (PS : I agreed to KCLau’s request on the condition that he won’t bug me to sell any products. Hahaha. I am very sked of insurance salesmen and will writers, beside Ah Longs.)

8 thoughts on “Personal Finance Interview

  1. Get your Will written. It is the best thing you can do for your next-of-kin and beneficiaries. Not that expensive too. I wrote about 5 good reasons why one should write a Will not too long ago but as of now, I am unable to retrieve my post as my blog and wp dashboard is acting up again 🙁

  2. It’s indeed important to have a will. In France most of the marriage contracts have this function, so don’t need to re-do one.

  3. The thing that prompted my husband and I to write a will soon after son number 1 was born was not that we have a lot of assets but the guardianship of our child. A friend’s brother and his wife died in a freak accident during a holiday and because there was will, the friend could easily take over guardianship of his nephews and make adjustments/transition etc less painful.

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