You know your blog is hot when….

Some Indian guy from India actually claimed it as his and spam the MyBlogLog community to visit ‘his blog’ and link it to his own blog. TNMCH! I dem tulan but being a niche blog at Make$ Money$, I cannot let out the f word yet. Not yet.

Not only that, he had mailed to a few people and these people wrote to me and ask if I have taken up editorship in some make money blogs. Flower bridge!

I had written to the guy and also complained to MyBlogLog’s Eric. I hope they solved it soon. Arrggh……since when do I look desperate enough to blog on other foreigner’s blog on how to make money? Cis, cis, cis. If I wanna khau, I also go for A-List probloggers lah. Nay, my pink karer photo sure will get some old horny angmohs to arm luen me and give me their domains and Adsense income.

Sial betul.

Lagi ada, saya hanya kurang tujuh ringgit dollah amerika untuk mencapai sepuluh ribu amerika! Whee! Malam ini..impian saya tercapai!

Tambah lagi : [tag]Nuffnang[/tag] Timothy mentioned me :

One of the organizers Mahendran gave me a call weeks earlier and invited me to give a speech. I was supposed talk about “Blogging as an Income Generator”.

Something I feel that someone like Chanlilian is far more qualified to talk about,


21 thoughts on “You know your blog is hot when….

  1. Ahpek – Like kena mah piew like dat. The linkworth new product so must push mah. But the big banner is their Google ads, not I put one. Only the 468 is mine referral. I got five ledi lor.

    ree nee – *bows and do little curtsy*

    friedbeef – Yalor, the length they go to for gaining traffic. Doh!

  2. wow!

    *faints from shock*

    *wakes up*

    this work leh!!! kena tembak left, right, center!!! all sniper style somemore!

  3. cincau – Waaa….syok apa? Kena brokeback by Indian guy?

    mott – Abuden? Hehehe, the game is like this lor, so get used to it and have fun.

    Veron – I made a mistake, it is American dollars. Since Oct 06, not monthly. Hehehe.

  4. Well, you are after all very highly respected by most bloggers. Consider me one of them~ Heheheh~ Way to go girl~!!!

  5. Aiya.. I am damn lazy one. At first thought of trying to $blog4$money$, then I discovered I like to write to myself. Ish… I also dislike handling spam.. duh….. then husband said blogging is good for my brain since i’m so forgetful… another duh…..
    Anyway get the guy out of your hot blog ler, so thick skin…

  6. agnes – yalor i wanna tiu him liao. Pundek. LOL

    rauff – Hey, thanks for that, it is very errm…comforting.

    helen – Yalor those who want to write about make money memang thick skin. Sei kwai so young and handsome wor.

    logic – Not me lah, Tim lah. You are talking about Tim, rite?

  7. kakakaka…

    I alwiz learn new things here. 😛

    congrats on u “capai impianmu”… Hehehhee…

    Anyway, flower bridge tat flower car….

  8. hehhee.,,harap maklum
    tat mahendran IS NOT the india indian guy. hahaha he is the local blogger, takde kaitan with hidup and mati or with any juicy story.

    lol !

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