Can you handle the truth?

This matter has been bugging me the whole day. I dare not openly talk about it because it is mighty sensitive.

I know many people cannot handle the truth because the truth hurts.

So, without quoting the exact person, I suppose many of you are aware that a certain leader is asking people to give feedbacks why they jump ship. He wants to know why people wants to change the direction of their sails. He ask his people to find out why. Why, why, why.

But I am sceptical how he and especially the rest of the world is going to deal with it? Can he handle the truth? It will hurt very bad.

Are those people who spill the beans going to get into trouble? Are they protected? Will their good intentions get a backlash and land them into big trouble?

Why do we need a politician to manage something that shouldn’t be political in the first place?

24 thoughts on “Can you handle the truth?

  1. ‘Teacher’ told me that this post was very well written. A+++.

    They were forced into the ship in the 1st place. And when they jump, the ocean is full of man eating sharks.

  2. People leaves the country for greener pasture when system fails to provide their expertise reward and quality of living standard not met. Citizens with skills and talent which is not a demand in the country, as the country economic situation and weather have not seen the need of them yet. It is natural to seek their job elsewhere which is appreciated and in demand.

  3. People jump ship because people are supposed to be the captain of their destiny. It just don’t seem fair when folks are not given the chance to choose which ship they want to board in the first place.

  4. For the clueless : check Petalingstreet or look for rockybru latest post. I go makan first, will comment this later šŸ˜‰

  5. Yeah I read about it in the newspapers. One thought popped into my mind. “OMG, where have you been, mister?? Living under the shell??” Given what the “captain” is offering us (or lack of it), is it no wonder we jump ship and not look back?

  6. Little Ray – LOL, of cuz not. I already changed a new sail four years ago. Jesus now and forever. šŸ˜›

    tine – Hahaha, I am talking about how our PM wants to find out why people leave Islam, not the country, you know?

    moo_t – šŸ˜› many ppl thot it is the country.

    helen_H – Still it is puzzling when it is the political leader that has to take the task of asking and not someone else more authoritative.

    agnes – You didn’t read yesterday news? Hehehe, sensitive issue ler. PM wants to know why those Muslim converts and Muslims want to leave the religion.

    lotsofcravings – As explained.

    terence – Pls tell thank you to teacher.

    ahpek – I wonder if someone really dare to say it loud and list out all the reasons, can he take it? Or send to eat curry rice? Or worse?

    wuching – Good lah, when u wake up, tell me.

    Leah – Can just ask Lina. šŸ˜›

  7. I can’t handle the truth. That’s why I told her not to tell me about it. I stopped her. I told her that I wanted to stay in the same state of denial I am in.

    For that at least, its still like a dream

  8. Kambing bag. šŸ™‚

    IMHO, most people leave because they see greener pasture. I am not talking about job/pay, but about making a life there.

    In first world country, a citizen are given a choice to participate to make life better. Honestly, this kind of “looking for trouble” altitude give PURPOSE and HOPE to the people.

    In Malaysia, we see crooks like King Zak stay unpunished, yet we pay tons of tax, fees and can do little to get rid of these crooks.

    We lambasted the two parliament jerks on “bocor” case not because our attention are diverted, but because we know we it is hopeless to get the real problem fixed, thus we shoot that two jerks to make a relieve.

    106,000 is not a small number. Just use simple production calculation, if these people being paid RM5000 per month, it is RM530 Millions per month, or 6.3 billions a year of production.

    If you are the 106000, you will ask yourself, after generating 6.3 billions, what kind of returns you are getting from your government? The medical system are scary, the school system give little hope, the transportation system is worsen, we import too many cheap labor that we don’t need. And you can say NOTHING to improve the country.

    It is hilarious when the PM talk about “precious” Malaysia citizenship like a oxymoron, don’t forget there is “Malaysia my 2nd home” project going around the corner. Do you think 1st world citizen are going to surrender their citizenship for Malaysia?

  9. Lil, I know it’s not related to citizenship, but I just cannot tahan already, must say something to moo_t. I was shocked when I look at the statistic, 70% who left is Malay.

  10. Alot of ikan bilis below him are afraid this “balloon” will get bigger and bigger. It’s good that the PM has come out and ask that question.

    A lot of people jump ship but their IC shows they’re still in the same ship.

  11. *out of topic*

    congrats on reaching 5 figures. it may not mean much to u, but it’s a shining beacon to ppl like us…that we can one day, (in a very distant future) get there too! thanks!

  12. I wonder what is our PM going to do about all the comments regarding this matter? Do you think our PM will actually try and make the situation better? Or this is one of his ever famous, all talk and no action policy? Hmm.. looks like it lor… Look what happened to the Police Commission thingy that was supposed to be set up for people to complain about police brutality? Masi nothing now lor.. quiet quiet la… Everytime the press mention, it is always at the consideration level… What is there to consider ah? Consider till now still considering… sigh… tell them to good nite ler..

    So, this subject also the same la… All the big time know all about what GOD wants will not be able to take feedbacks one la…. They will pout and sulk and issue communist statements to shut everyone up including the PM lor… Isn’t this what is so scary about their religion? Hmmm……

  13. zewt – The PM said it is ok for Muslims to apostate but our friends are all getting very worked up. Hahaha.

    leah – Tks for the heads up. Now, I wonder if Muslims go to Disneyland or similar theme parks where they chop the ink?

    laucharbor – They are calling for the PM to be removed. OMG, that is like so dramatic! One even say it has to be done even if it involves bloodshed. Drama sungguh!

  14. Lilian,

    OMG!! Remove the PM? Ahbutthan, dont you think that particular race is very drama? I think they are lor…. Bloodshed wor… Drama Kabehsi!

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