It has been 24 hours.

I cannot find you.

I called you but I only get a voice recording.

I want you back!

I am sorry for neglecting you.


Niamah, this is indeed bad. I had a bad day yesterday because one auntie asked me some question that got me very angry. So angry, I cursed her all the way home when I was in the car. The last time I used the phone, it was to call my hubby when I was in the car.

“Dear, kids and I had eaten at the mamak stall. But hor, I only have RM30 in my wallet so I don’t think I have enough money to buy you a packet of nasi kandar. Can you grab something on your way home?”

Then, when I got home, I had to carry my Nikon DSLR bag, a basket ball and hold my kid’s hand. Toddle, toddle, toddle.

Later on, I realised my handphone wasn’t around. Usually, it is on my bed. I hunted for it.

Now, 24 hours later, I still cannot find it. I am very sure it is at home. Prolly my four year old kid took it to camwhore as usual. I called and only get voice recording. Funny cos I normally charged my battery all the time.

So, my Sony K800i costing RM1,400 is missing. It is only a few months old. With a 1GB M2 memory card that costs another RM150. Plus lots of incriminating videos, photos and SMS messages. Sei ler, what if someone found it and my saucy video ended up on Youtube? Or my secret lover’s sms messages got picked up by someone and they blackmail me?

Die ler….I hope my housekeeper find it for me tomorrow. I am done with rummaging through all the places my kid is most likely to leave the phone. Usually, it is my housekeeper who finds the missing bottle, missing gadget and missing everything.

Maybe it is a sign for me to grab the iPhone since I had earned USD10K from PayPerPost?

Niamah….where the hell is my phone! I miss you already!

21 thoughts on “Missing!

  1. hi lilian

    second time reading ur blog only, paiseh ah. hehe
    just wanna ask you how does the payperpost reviews work. if i take the opportunity, that means i just post the review straight in my blog? but they need to approve first right?

    i’m confused. help plz!

    and do i need a paypal account ? O.O

    btw congrats on earning that much!

  2. phing – Go to http://www.5xmom.com, then read all the posts on http://www.5xmom.com/index.php/category/payperpost/
    and then, you sign up using my referral.

    Hehehe, and I will teach you what you need.

    vedis – Kenot find lor. Geek sei, I love the Sony cybershot very much.

    ahpek – You not worried about OUR videos ah? LOL. Eh, how come you are online at this hour one? Normally you no more online from 5 pm onwards. No ohkau session liao? good lor.

  3. K810i is going for around 1.4k oso. And if u can wait or want to upgrade few months down the road, K850 is coming soon (with 5MP cam) 😀

  4. Can anyone has the link to those youtube videos when they surface let me know? You know my blog address and I’ll link you in return. lol

  5. Pls bank in USD10k into my Credit Suisse account or those ******** videos go online.


  6. aiya..if get voice recording memang sudah kena curik….sony E batteries can last 3-4 days le..remember to blok yr sim card

  7. don’t anger about the aunty la. she must not be wearing glasses leh that day.

    u shudda told matthew to greet her, “GOOD MORNING PO-PO!”


  8. wah lao… rm1k plus handphone missing? if me sure i get so mad liao.

    i lost my rm600 limited edition rudy project sunglass also i couldnt sleep for 2 nights liao…hope ur handphone didnt drop into the jamban like my friends. 🙂

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