Underwear soup

Last Saturday, I went to this Chinese Medicine Hall which Erina told me. I ordered two packets of bak kut teh’s herbs. It being the olden type of medicine shop, the owner actually weighted every piece of the herbs and crushed them in front of me.


So, on Sunday I wanted to make bak kut teh but couldn’t find the muslin bag that I know I have somewhere in my drawers. (Muslin is a kind of cotton material cloth) Over tea, I pok-pek to my dear hubby who just came back from his badmiton, all sweaty.

Me : Dear, you seen my muslin bag, nay, the white cloth bag like coffee filter?

Him : How do I know, you got so many barang-barang.

Me : Aiyerrrr….*teh mode* like this how to make bak kut teh ah? The herbs need to be put into a bag cos there are fine pieces of broken herbs etc.

Him : You want? Nah, go to my drawer and get one of my white cotton underwear. Same also.


Him : No lah. Where got? You think those bak kut teh stall go and buy what what muslin bag ah? They also use their underwear and tied with raffia string only.

Me : Shaddap liao. Uweekkk….

Him : Hah, if not, you want the one (underwear) I am wearing now? With all the sweats…lagi best, full of flavour.

Me : Sons, you see lah, I married a crazy man. Ammah!!!!!! I was blind, I never listen to your advice, I simply marry……*slaps forehead*

Anyway, I bought another muslin bag but haven’t brew the bak kut teh yet because now, I am short of ingredients. I bet the bak kut teh will taste great with all the herbs freshly grounded. And no, no underwear in the soup.

22 thoughts on “Underwear soup

  1. Hi. Long time no tag you adi. I had problems submitting comments in your blog for a long time. Kept on getting error message. Anyway check out the tag. If its something you’ve done before you can always do it on another blog. Hahaha.

    Four Four Four Four

  2. Hahahaah, not crazy enough. Lucky he didn’t say to wear it after you use it to cook bak-kut-teh. Herbal underwear… woot.

  3. Herbal underwear? Huh!?? Ahbutthan, they have those tong kwai smelling sanitary towels too.. Hmmm…

    Anyway, I can see that you and your hubby have a good marriage hor. Not every couple can talk and joke like the 2 of you lor.. Keep it up!! Treasure it!

    Since I dun eat chi yoke, so, I don’t eat BKT…. hmm.. maybe make using chicken.. Hmmm…

  4. All I know is mamaks’s underwear satay sauce, curry sauce and dahl sauce. Now u’ve enlightened me bout those famous Bak Kut Teh shops out there…. NO WONDER their ‘soup’ is so tasty lar!

  5. oh my gosh!!!
    i think the next time i eat bak kut teh i will remember this entry and look at the bak kut teh suspiciously already!!!

    and i can’t even think of what ah pek said….ew ew ew….gelinya!!!

  6. hi there! this post of urs got me commenting on ur blog for the 1st time. hahaha omg! u and ur hubby are so similar to my mom and dad! methinks it must be something in the penang water that we all share ;p

  7. True, there is a real case in Ipoh where a cendol seller uses worn women panties as jampi. Soak inside the cendol…. lol


    my 1st comment ever since i start to read ur blog…eerrr…..around….eeerr…april 2007 if im not mistaken. this entry make me to comment n n my dad owez make the best bak kut teh at home *wink*wink* but i never c him using the muslin bag *ponder* i only know how to eat LOL~~

  9. Hi 5xmom.. cool blog you have here.
    Can you tell me where i can buy muslin bag? I’m based in KL.
    thanks yah šŸ™‚

  10. Yeng – You can try those Japanese $5 shop like Hinode or something because the Japanese have a few varieties they use for tea leaves. As for me, I bought it from cooking ingredients shop. Otherwise, check the supermarket, most probably in the section where they sell plastic bags, cutleries and those sievers.

  11. Hi again.. thanks for the info yah. Tot of resorting to sewing my own.. hahaha. Anyway, you have a good new year, enjoy spreading WARMTH and JOY in lil red packets!!

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