Lost liao.


Lucky it is a post paid and I still get to keep my number and my secret lovers numbers are in the record.


Lucky the only video in there is the Penang Bishop officiating the launching of the new building in Sungai Ara (aka boooorrringgg)


And this is what my dear hubby told me on MSN when I asked him what phone to buy:

5xdad says:
wait a while sure come out wan la , cannot lost wan la

Haih…that man knows me better. I am sure to find it amongst some laundry.

Still…I am phoneless temporarily. Which is a good thing. Eheh, not like my life depends on it because lol, I hardly use the phone anyway.

So, don’t sms me ah? I am too lazy to go to Maxis to get my new SIM and put it on the dinosaur Alcatel spare phone we have.

6 thoughts on “Lost

  1. No sign of anything surfacing in youtube yet… but I’ll wait. lol

    It’s time to visit those tech blogs and checkout the new models. lol

  2. You know where we found my husband phone? I saw a light blinking when the washing machine was tumbling…………………………

  3. Maybe you can try recalling the last time you used it, where were you while you were using it, and where were you when the call ended. If possible, try to reenact the scene 😀

    Unless if there’s a possibility it’s stolen!

  4. prolly around ur house. try calling (ringing) it and hear for it. it could also be in in in the sofa. need to korek it out.

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