OMG! Do you know know how long it takes to complete a driving test?

Ujian Mendaki Bukit – 1 minit

Ujian Meletak Motokar Secara Masuk Belok – 1 minit

Ujian Pusingan 3 Penjuru – 2 minit

Kemalangan – Cis, like this oso got. Tiada

And my son passed his driving test and now can officially drive me. He got 17/20 points.

But hor, I tell you, I won’t dare to ride in his car. No way!

Which brings me to these questions – especially for all of you young drivers out there

1) When you got your driving licence, who is the first person you drive around? (me – my classmate when I was 18 yrs)

2) Did you parents let your straight away drive alone? (me – Of course, I was such a rebel, I do anything I like lah)

3) Do you feel nervous driving your naggy mom around? (me – I feel nervous driving my naggy hubby actually)

Tell please! I am going to buckle up and let my son drove me around. Woo hoo! Celebration tonight.

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  1. wohooo!! congrats!! got ahmad oredi!

    Just like me, I let my daughter drive me round nowadays. Told her, papa old oredi, got bad eyesight liao!

  2. I let them drive, but I keep my hand on the handbrakes 100%.
    I also nearly got heart attack few times.
    I counted total driving instruction time = 10.5 hours. (I thought it’s supposed to be 16 hours minimum?) Mostly dare not naik bukit even after they passed. Either not confident enough or mati engine a few times….

  3. as answered in my blog:

    1) i drove my parents for my first ever drive. Of course lah, it was their car anyway.

    2) no no no. need to have private P license approval first. during my time (ceh wah, like i very the old like that) P license policy not yet started. So also PG loh (parental guide).

    3) seriously, yes. But i got used to it. Or in other words, i learn to make her trust in my driving. I think it took only a few weeks then i started driving myself to tuition classes. It is a matter of trust. I believe if a child argue more, the longer it will take for parents to let their children drive alone.

  4. Congrats to your boy! Now you got yourself an “AHMAD”.

    Psst, dun nag him when he drives you OK? It’ s distracting.

  5. wuching – How can you forget your first time and whom you did with leh?

    helen – I tell you, I won’t even sit in front cos I love the imaginary brake too much. Hahaha.

    wahlau – Tks for that input!

    pinkzter – Wuah, nice lah lu, no need to drive. Go driver

    LC – LOL, it must be terribly stressful to drive you, with your hands on the handsbrake. I have the imaginary brake problem too. I will step on the floor like there is a brake there. Hahaha.

    ahpek – Big step forward hor? Old liao, sad.

  6. 1) & 2) i think the first person i drove around was my grandpa cos my parents wouldn’t let me drive on my own

    3) when i drove my mom…i was damn nervous cos was scared i’d kill her car and kena scold like hell!! but my mom not really that fierce la ok? i was just nervous!

    i remember when i first started driving my mom’s 1.3 manual wira with NO POWER STEERING…and i was the first car at the green lane traffic lights. when the light turn green i mati engine and kena hon like crazy!!!
    thank goodness no more of those mati engine days!! haha!

    congrats just have to have a bit of nerve and just sit in his car la!! šŸ™‚

  7. 1) Drove my classmates

    2) Yes, straightaway! I was rebellious as well… šŸ˜€

    3) Nervous, no. Annoyed, yes! They always go cannot do this cannot do that, must do this must do that. Sian lah!

    I got 20/20 for my driving test! Muahahahah!!! Coz I flirt with the JPJ officer who gave marks. šŸ˜€

  8. Hmm… I’m 19 this year, female, answer below. =D

    1) I need to have a private P license from my parents first, so, dad was the first person I drove around. LOLz.

    2) As stated above, nopez, my dad had to be my “tester” for at least 5 times before he could finally approve me to drive alone.

    3) I never drive my mom, cause I can’t imagine the consequences. =P And my dad doesn’t nag at all, so, oh well. Hehe.

  9. i got my license 2 yrs liao… and my mom still don’t let me drive on my own lor XD first person i drove around is my dad… then he say he will train me and go around wif me a few more times then onli i can drive. and that few more times never happened because they say my driving not good, then i never drived until now. but of course, i got drive my friends’ car occasionally la… my parents dunno de XD

  10. None other than my H2B. He was the one who taught me how to drive every Sunday after church. Even met with a small accident summore, sampai the head lamp came out.

    I dont think its a good idea to let my parents sit beside. I remembered my dad kept on nagging that I stopped the car on the roadside, and hopped into the back seat. šŸ™‚

  11. dun be too over protective when ur son is driving. it doesn’t matter to who, but having some1 to tell u how to drive just don’t feel nice. give him ur trust (unless he really sucked la…)

  12. I never really drive before although I got my license since February I think. Or was it January? Hee. Anyway, I hate driving when my mum is around although most of the time, she is around lar. She will scold me this scold me that and then when I tell her I don’t know mar, she say she want to send me back to the instructor cuz she don’t know how to teach me. Ish ish ish. very geram one. First one I drove around was my mum too. =P
    I am very bad at changing gears. =(

  13. my dad was my first passenger.

    my mom nags a lot at the back, but me and my dad would just laugh at her =_=”

  14. To answer your question:

    1, My mum if i’m not mistaken

    2, I forgot d… hehe

    3, My mum is ok, but my dad nags more… hahaha

    Anyway, congrats to your son!

  15. i got 19/20!! šŸ˜›

    1) When you got your driving licence, who is the first person you drive around?
    [don’t remember]

    2) Did you parents let your straight away drive alone? [yes]

    3) Do you feel nervous driving your naggy mom around?
    [err no. more to irritated. most of the time i have to make a point that by irritating me, will only cause accidents. šŸ˜› ]

  16. Wuah, so much inputs. Thanks.

    And oi Terence – We all don’t ‘wa salah lu mai kong’ mia, tiu! We Amen wan.

  17. 1. My boyfriend. We were each other’s first. haha

    2. Yes, because they were too tired of driving me around.

    3. No. Except for the first time when I gave her a heart attack by ALMOST hitting another car. Heh heh heh.

  18. My younger sis was my 1st and only passenger. After driving for once for a day, I decided I should save money from hitting the road or else I’ll end up paying damages. My then boyfriend (now husband) was stunned to see me driving to his house in the early morning.
    I may drive again, but too keep everyone save, I’ll notify everyone that when and where i’m going to drive.

  19. Technically, I’m not young anymore, but then-ar…

    1) My mom – after pass lesen but got “banned” after one incident when i couldn’t balance the car properly.

    2) No, coz the car was freakin’ big – old isuzu 1.8l station wagon

    3) Now no, but last time yes coz she would scare me first before anything happened. E.g. “Car brake-ar!!! (the car is like 100m in front of me)…”

  20. Lilian,

    The first person I drove was my mother, and she was screaming all the way to our destination. I struck a deal with her – give me your keys and you won’t ever have to sit in while I drive! Well, it has since worked beautifully. “)

  21. Celaka Lu! Gua tanya itu kursus belajar memandu sekalang berapa kena bayar?

    Saya anti rasuah! ‘lu mai kong wa salah’

  22. Okay, so your son passed the driving test. I have some questions about the way Penang Lang drive though.
    1. Can Penang Lang drive following the line, meaning keep the car within their own lane and not cut across to other people’s lane?
    2. Do Penang Lang signal when they switches lane, or drivers on the road are expected to read their mind?
    3. Why do Penang Lang like to park their car on a already narrow road, say to makan-makan at the mamak at the road side, and cause traffic jam?

    Please enlighten me!

  23. i had my “lesen” 9 years ago. and i am still keeping the “P” at the windscreen all these years…incase i buat salah…the “P” is the reason…hahahhahah

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