3 reasons why you blog

Eh, this one not to parody nuffnang.com.my wan hor? I reli reli luf nuffnang cos I made RM2K since they launch. So you think I bullshit you meh? Dun belip, go ask Timothy and see?

So to express how much I lafu [tag]nuffnang[/tag], I am presenting to you my three reasons to blog :

3reason copy

Nombor satu : Merepek, kapster, pokpek, kapsiau, kongsiau, kongcheou, tok kok or basically, crapping

Nombor dua : Make money lor. You think blogging kenot make money meh? Eh, I tell you lah, my blog is on international lists as one of those who really makes money and proved it. See what Old Vic of Net Monetization and Reflective Thinking said about my two blogs. You think simply can get on those list ah?

Nombor tiga : Wei, I want to blog, I suka, beh sai ah?


So, what are your three reasons you blog? Faster tell! Go back to your own blog and think and see? And blog it and give me links, can ah? Hehehe, I am getting out of control. Desperate auntie mah, wutudo……

19 thoughts on “3 reasons why you blog

  1. aiyoh how u create the picture ar??
    why i blog..?

    because i talk kok until my mouth smelly d..

    no work to do at work

    i want be famous like chan lilian…


  2. just when i am wondering on a filler – this is a good one – i go crap on this – will give linky love k… u don’t forget me huh .. lolz

  3. After I got married, all my frens left me.
    After being married for 10 yrs, my wife says I cheung hei liao.
    My kids dun understand what the heck I’m talking about.

    Now no one to toking-toking anymore so I blog lor.

  4. Three reasons why I DON’T blog

    1. others jeles
    2. I will be making more USD than you
    3. All your readers will only read my blog


    (Don’t ask. I took my medication liao)

  5. terence – What they put in the water in Melaka ah? Cincalok issit?

    adrian – Yahor, somemore can make money. Gud wor.

    erina – Wuah, Lawrence read #2 reason, he unsubscribe broadband lu baru tau.

    ehon – This one spur of the moment. Oso private joke lah. I fast fast do, no time to match the colour on photoshop oso. I desperate auntie lah.

    wuching – Like dis hor, you better use the money to buy mirrors, lots of it and put on your wall. More fulfilling lah.

    anna – Yalor, share every damn juicy gossip.

  6. angie – Eh, pet’s blog now very ‘heng’ and got lots of ads wor.

    helen – This one private joke, only few ppl get it. I desperate auntie mah.

    lotscravings – Eeewss…can tok till mouth smelly?

    doris – Pls do! Nvm, this is a do follow blog anyway.

    marie – Yeah, most bloggers are.

  7. I blog primarily to note the things I learn, share it, and interact with readers about it.

    Thank you for the link to my blog entry.

    I hope you can also join and make an entry on the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs writing project and cite your favorite new blogs. So far, I only have one participant from Malaysia.

  8. Hey 5xM what a cool pink site !

    1. I blog ’cause I been told to by my virtual bank manager
    2. I blog ’cause nobody will pay me for sitting on my bottom doing nothing
    3. I blog ’cause I get to say what I like and nobody argues

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