Astro On Demand – The Drive of Life (TVB Hongkong)

I refused to subscribe because Astro applies double standard! They want to charge me RM1.49 per episode. Blek, I am so not gonna pay RM81 for something that I can watch elsewhere.

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Should I?

Is it worth it?

60 days is equivalent to almost three months.

60 hours of unproductive activity


But there is no Moses Chan or Gallen Loh wor.

Why not?

At least at the end of it, I can speak better Cantonese as I no longer rely on BM subtitles

I can learn to be bitchier, with style too

I can write spoilers for every episode and when the series come on Astro regular program, I spoilt the climax for everyone. Wicked…

Not like I have anything else to do

Should I?

Who is joining me?

(To the blur ones, this is the latest Hong Kong TVB series starting on July 16th in Hongkong, Canada and dunno where else. Astro On Demand means you pay for the package. 0.99 cents per show and there are 60 in the series.)

After ten years of struggle, the Wahs have established its own brand of limousine – a brand the whole Chinese nation is proud of. They make a significant and ongoing contribution to China’s automobile industry for they believe that only cars of our own will take us to a better future.
Executive Producer: Leung Ka Shu ???
Poon Ka Tak ???
Scriptwriter: Au Koon Ying ???
Casting: Lau Chung Yan, Damian ???
Liao Jing Sheng ???
Mui Kiu Wai ???
Lam, Raymond ??
Feng Shao Feng ???

(source : Astro)

10 thoughts on “Astro On Demand – The Drive of Life (TVB Hongkong)

  1. IMO, not worth it lor. $0.99 for one episode and must stuck butt on sofa and watch it on time.

    Download = Free and watch anytime you want.

    I wait nya.. And read your spoilers from time to time.

  2. this drama must be veli the nice one. but if i subscribe then no chance to watch other channels liao cos i only have 1 decoder.

  3. sasha – 0.99 cents oniiii…

    KW – Then we same same get addict lor, baru got peer support

    wendy – I heard it is at 12 noon, so ngam ngam

    nonnie – But the thrill of being first mah.

    mamaBok – Yay, gimme five

    AhPek – What 5xmom lah? I never buy adwords also. Now you make me curious jor. Faster tell.

  4. If whole family watch ah, then subscribe la. I also want to ask my dad subscribe, but my koko in singapore, after come back this year end he also want to watch, then daddy say buy dvd better. if we got astro max then worth it .

  5. sigh.. so busy these few days. Sure I will not be able to catch the first few free episodes.

    I will wait 4 those ah sam and tai kor to post up for me to download later. kakaaka..

    anyway, on a more “legal” route, i will wait until i can purchase the dvd boxset from the shop or online-lo. 😉

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