Malaysian work like cow – A rant 5xmom’s style

I found this Google Ads on my Make$ Money$ blog and feel especially tulan with the Ingrish. Malaysian work like cow. Eh, my Inglund not beri gud oso know it is either :

Malaysians work like cows

or Malaysian works like cow

Singular = then use the verbs with s
Plural = then no s because earlier got s liao mah, simple to remember what? My ass, simple grammar oso tak tau kah?

bullcrap copy

Somemore hor, no need to call all Malaysians cow, can ah? I am human and don’t like to be compared to cows. Somemore cows are sacred, you don’t play-play. is my current idol, you know?

Of course, I damn curious to see who can make a claim that he is a problogger (uweekkkkk) and earning USD. The only probloggers that I look up to are and because so far, they have come up with innovative ideas and give their perspective with their own judgments.

So, I hop over by typing the link on my browser. Of course, I did not click on the Adsense lah. And no, I won’t give you the URL.

And I found wahlau eh, problogger konon. Nah, sold three Text Link Ads already wanna boast. Limlau5xboh show you how many Text Link Ads I sold. I also dare not claim that I am a problogger. I earn USD yes. Lots of it.

tla_july copy

This is just the middle of the month of July and that’s the number of links I sold. And yeah, I dare not even boast about it.

And people dare to put up such ads. Haih…..

To the owner of the site, I never reveal your site, so don’t get angry hor? You are doing a good job, full of confidence. But hor, I still dun like the way the Google ad is phrased lor. Not nice to say Malaysians work like cow. I eat cows, including bull’s penis. So, I don’t like to everytime put the bull’s penis into my mouth in the mamak sup torpedo and think I am eating Malaysians mah.

9 thoughts on “Malaysian work like cow – A rant 5xmom’s style

  1. People with primary school standard mia English also can be problogger ah! Dun play play!

    *psst psst* Siapa tu? Apa URL?

  2. Seeelamat Petaaaannng Ciku.

    Itu lembu punya kerja memang senang sikalang. Makan rumput saja di padang. Semua kerja sikalang itu jentera yang buat. Lembu sikalang diternak untuk makan saja. Mana ada susah. Problogger kena beli domain, laptop dan langgani stim ass. Itu problogger lu cakap sudah dapat balik semua ‘expenses’ ini kah. Investment 10k, tiga ad link itu dapat berapa? Fuyoh, ini kira pro kah.

    Gua tulis dalam BM pasal gua punya luntun takda fasih.

    Telimaaaa Kaasihhhh Ciku.

  3. terence – Lain kali tulus luntun lah baru ada keywords for advertisements. Cilakak lu, so fast you notice liao. Gua bukan problogger mah, jadi gua kena sumbat manyak manyak ads baru boleh. Gua bloodsucker, lintah.

    Satu ad link hor, 7USD oni. Kahkahkah.Sepuluh baru cukup untuk bayar stimass.

    bryan – Wait I see u on MSN, gua kasi lu tengok.

    hijackqueen – Actually one domain got three-four sub-domains. Kehkehkeh, so technically, I am only dealing with less than that. Smart ler.

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