I rant, she rants, he rants, you got rant?

Yesterday, I ranted about something and my ka’chng got grilled kau-kau by some anon. flamers. The comments were not suitable for my readers’ hearts so I have spammed it all. Hor, Rambo, hor?

Then, he (blogigs) ranted but no one dares to grill his old, wrinkly ka’chng :

Do Not reveal if you are making chicken feed

So, I told him, the world is not fair lor. I joking oni people also say wanna kill my kids, kill me, kidnap and rape somemore. Cannot take a joke meh?

Then, she (the organic samm) also ranted. Wuah, her rant very stylish wan and very pain-pain wan. So, wanna flame her or not? But hor, I warn you lah, her tongue very sharp wan, so don’t pway-pway with her.

Now tell me, how many “working” blogs have you got? Have you got the speed to do that? Can your brains work that fast? Can your fingers type at top speed. I also know that many of them spend half their time online spying on others’ blogs, trying their best to “catch” them publishing nothing but a “link” during paidposts hours. I scoff at you.

So you got anything to rant or not? Faster rant here lah.

10 thoughts on “I rant, she rants, he rants, you got rant?

  1. Hahahahaa… my ka c’hng where got wrinkly? got a few pimples oni mah! maybe that’s why no one want to sueh my ka c’hng!!

  2. If i dun rant hor, people forget me di. So, i must learn to rant wannn. C’mon…. someone go crown me rant queen of the year puhleeeeze

  3. wah i was just so happy that i reached rm1k not too long ago. All paid posts of course. adsense not really paying. advertlets and nuffnang too.. =(

    but this.. WHOA. ok la. i small time. still got long way to go.

  4. ermm….Next time delete la… no need to mark as spam. When you mark something as spam, it will send the info to the Akismet servers (I assume you’re using Akismet).

    This may confuse them and cloud the system if it’s a real comment that you don’t like rather than true automated spam.

    Granted Akisment is a worldwide system, so you affect it very little, but every little counts…. that’s how we’re all contributing to it.

  5. James – Thanks for that tip. Next time, I kick those into thrash, no point load Askimet with it ya? LOL.

    helen – LOL, go try and see? It is therapeutic

    cincau – Eh, I kasi u private tuition, u got apply or not? That one kurang-kurang, one week got 100, one mth 400USD liao lor.

    samm – Your backside not grilled yet?

    adrian – Hehehe, baru chikik.

    ahpek – Come I sueh for you.


  6. i don have many blogs and not making much moolah… so dont think i wanna rant la… i wish i can rant about u…. not making enough money… šŸ˜›

  7. i rant.. not. for i am like my name, a small pea.

    but i want to join in the fun lah! i write enough to cover my foxtel monthly subscription and perhaps a couple of packets of peanuts and popcorns to enjoy, sit back and read interesting blogs lor šŸ˜›

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