Sony Ericsson S500i – Photos and Price in Malaysia

Image from Sony Ericsson

I am a sucker for eye-candy phones. Originally, I wanted to get the Z610i but one woman who was there grabbed the demo phone from me before I could touch it. So, it sort of turned me off because she is like a decade older than me. What’s with women and pink, huh? I realised that I never like pink before. I think I am entering second childhood. šŸ™

Then, the lady boss told me that they are having a Sony Ericsson promotion at the entrance of Gurney Plaza, Penang. So, we head down there and bought this newly launched in Malaysia phone. The Sony Ericsson S500i which is described as :

In harmony – The slim S500i keeps you in harmony with the world around you. Let desktop and menu themes change with the season; or as day turns to night.


There is only one colour available which is the black and olive green model. The price is RM999. As I was previously using K800i with Sony Cybershot 3.2 MP camera, I find this 2 MP camera with no functions rather pathetic. But the illuminating lights and wallpapers prompt me to buy it.


However, it is very slim and light. I love the feel of the sliding panel. It is so smooth and sleek. This phone doesn’t haven’t 3G funtion and no radio as well. I can live with that too ‘cos yeah, I love the illuminating lights and wallpapers……

Anyway, I always buy things on the spur of the moment and now, I think my phone is pretty much ‘la-la girl’. LOL, never mind, I have so many teenage sons so I can always bequeath to them, if I don’t lose my phone in two months. *touch wood, not*

Light effects
Personalize with unique light effects, and see your phone come alive every time a call comes in.

I don’t have a SIM card yet so I cannot really test it. Never mind, I am going to set different coloured lights for different people when they call/sms. Who shall I reserve the pink colour to?

Now, I just realised that I sound like Sony Ericsson pay me to endorse their products. Hey, Sony Ericsson, if you are reading this, please pay me! I own a Sony Vaio and Sony Ericsson phone plus Sony TV and Sony shaver.

19 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson S500i – Photos and Price in Malaysia

  1. My friend is looking around for handphones and we did come across this one and both of us liked it! But since not much functions…i think she will reconsider, haha

  2. saw u at gurney at the booth. Thought you are buying it for your son or something. Really can’t find your phone??? Anyway, I was about to leave when I saw you.

  3. you were in Gurney Plaza too yesterday? We took my 40 days old nephew there for his 1st shopping trip. I can say it was a success šŸ™‚

    what time were you there? when I got there, they were still setting up the DIGI booth, must have been quite early then.

    Good luck with your new phone, kalau jumpa yang lama macam mana? ada clearance sale ka?

  4. oh oh.. the phone has FINALLY arrived *coz i’ve been waiting* !! and it’s CHEAP!!! OMG.. *can’t believe it* i want to get 1 too šŸ™‚

  5. moo_t – Yeah, so shiny and interactive. Sui!

    pp – The camera lousy lah. But maybe I am used to the 3.2 Sony Cybershot from my K800i

    adrian – Very female lah, unles you are gay. LOL

    nicole – But very few features. Then, again, who cares lah. Nice ler.

    terence – Nah, you say wan ha? I won’t give u my new digi number.

  6. lilian: i finally got my phone.. hubby bought it for me.. what else? i swiped the card loh n he paid.. hehe.. anyway, i got mine for rm1350 with 2 years warranty and 1 GB memory card.. what’s your like? 999 with memory card?

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