Sony S500 – so chio, so new!

I went hunting for a handphone today. My initial choice was to get the pink Sony Z610 which is the clamshell type.

But it so happens that Sony Ericsson is launching the new model, S500! Woot, so chio lah cos the lights can illuminate and change colour. I haven’t got the time to explore it yet because the moment I got home, I have so many things to deal with. Don’t even have time to take a photo of it yet.

It sells for RM999. No 3G, no memory. But it is so sleek and the wallpaper is nice, so I am swayed by it.

Now, I hope Maxis is open tomorrow because it is our Penang State Governor’s birthday. Otherwise, I gotta wait till Monday only I can get my new SIM. Till then, don’t miss my sms ha?

2 thoughts on “Sony S500 – so chio, so new!

  1. cincau – Lost my K800i I sakit hati liao, dunwan kerng kerng phone anymore. Anyway, not so fast launch lah. See lah, wait I write lotsa paid posts and can afford it. Hehee. Anyway, I kenot wait till August lah, now oredi phoneless.

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