Tra la la la

Blogging also so dangerous. Say wrong thing, I can end up eat curry rice and sit down sembang-sembang chit-chat with hurly-burly men.

So, like this better stick to writing about nothing better.

You say correct or not?

So, today hor, I woke up at 10.30 am, brush my teeth, took my bath and now I am ready to go out makan-makan and jalan-jalan.

Mission today is to go buy a car. Dunno what car to buy also ‘cos father say this car, mother say that car, son say ‘wo bo chap’.

You have a good weekend and don’t be naughty hor?

13 thoughts on “Tra la la la

  1. Honda Civic veli good. But 2.0, not good to drive in Penang city. Cost more than 20sen per km. If long distance, can go under 18sen per km. Stylish car…. I likeeeee….

  2. lilian! buy audi!!!! sxi car park still no audi, last year’s boy left school already. Got plenty of protons, peroduas, hondas..but no audi! muahahar,gaya gaya go school,aiseh.

  3. Niamah! You really think I psychic ar? So many models the cibai honda civic. Which one you refering to????

  4. fuuuuyooooohhhh…

    kids these days r damn lucky. got license, can get car.

    for some of us lucky ones, we “inherit” car from older sibling and drive around in some beat-up car, squeezing > 5 ppl at the backseat. šŸ˜†

    anyway, i’m very proud to say that i bought my own car with my own $$$. had a small downpayment from parents but the rest i gao tim myself. šŸ˜‰

    oh well, happy shopping. plenty of good deals around. šŸ˜€

  5. Better blog about nothing too serious … your blog is funny anyway … so you are far far away from eating nasi kari

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