Astro On Demand – The Drive of Life (Gua boikot lu!)

Niamah, I called up to subscribe to Astro On Demand. But they tell me my price is RM1.49 per episode because I am not subscribe to their Dynasty package. Double standard lah. What difference is it wor? I am still Astro subscriber mah.

You see, because I am not a subscriber to Dynasty package, then, all the more they should give me the RM0.99 per episode price because who knows, I got so brainwashed I finally subscribe to Dynasty Package. Now, you give double standard so I am so not gonna subscribe because I beh shiok having this double standard treatment.

I don’t speak Mandarin nor Cantonese so there is no reason for me to subscribe to the crappy Dynasty package. But I thought of giving it a trial run and now, I so tulan ledi, I don’t want to watch anymore. So tiu-ed ledi.

SEO gurus, ngek ngek ngek….the power of SEO! Yippee!


You think Astro should give me free package or not? Or else……?

11111oneoneone111111 – out of million of pages! I got the pahwer!!!!

So, Astro, if you are reading this. You get my point? You shouldn’t apply this double standard because you just lost a potential subscriber. And with the downloads that are freely available on the net, this is certainly not a good idea, right?

13 thoughts on “Astro On Demand – The Drive of Life (Gua boikot lu!)

  1. Ei, you got time to watch meh… these serials are very time consuming one. But then hor, like drugs. Once hooked, cannot stop…

  2. helen – It runs hourly wor, new show at 9 pm Mon-Fri and the repeats every hour. But now, beh shiok ledi, die-die oso dunwan to watch. LOL, make silai angry liao. Silai who is a pro-blogger wan, dun pway-pway. *evil grins*

  3. stopped Astro 3 years ago.

    now see Taiwan station.


    FUYOH!! top in googles again! how many thousand hits you got? I see my name oso got tumpang a bit! Hehehehee… It Pays to comment in!!

  4. woah, how could they charge like dat huh.
    it doesn’t bother me much la, cos eventually it will be on screen for free. just got to wait ma

  5. wah, this is a good one!

    Serves ASTRO right.

    oledi overcharged all the subscribers and recently increased the prices..

    now wana charge per episode!

    too much…

    YES lah 5X MOM teach them a lesson

    the screenshot from Google is awesome…

    really hopping Tan Sri Ananda should be reading this!

  6. Wahahahahaa….

    lolz… Lucky got the “free trial”. Ehhh… Sometimes Download is good coz u can try, if not nice can throw away. Kekeeke…

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