Blek, enuff about others, let’s talk about me instead!

Helen gave me this meme a while back but I never got around to it because after I read mott‘s adventure, I suddenly feel like an angel and really, really have nothing to write.

Helen wants to know what are some of the naughties things I did in secondary school. Wuching said in his blog he has forgotten. I think Wuching is equally angelic as well and that’s why both of us have nothing to confess, unlike mott. Kahkahkah.

Here are the worst I can think off :

1) I was very good in bodek-king teachers and always get the top positions like head prefect (girl, we got boy and girl head prefect), club president etc. Of course, the votes come from the students but those were easily kau-tim.

2) I was so good in bodek-king, my discipline teacher fetch me to school every day, to and fro.

3) I was extremely good in bodek-king, no one can touch me. Once, my class monitor got issues with me and wanted to find fault. During one prefect meeting, I quarreled with her and she cried openly because the discipline teacher did not side her. (heh, I learn young eh?) Since then, she couldn’t bug me anymore. Yay! Head prefect is higher authority than class monitor so I didn’t have to get her permission to leave the class.

4) I always organised spot checks during Add Maths lesson because the teacher is like a zombie and I know nuts about dy/dx. Spot checks mean the prefects go from class to class to hunt for illegal stuffs. Back then, the most illegal-est stuffs are comics. No ciggs, no porn, no weapons, no drugs, nothing harmful at all.

5) I favour cute, handsome boy prefects and they normally get better assignments when I did the duty roster.

6) I always score a red zero for my Add Maths and my zombie teacher smite me back by giving me 10 marks for ‘markah kesian’. I met him a few months ago and he is still as zombie.

7) When I was in Form Three, I demanded from my headmaster to allow me to study in Arts stream but he refused. Imagine, 15 years old and I dare to demand. Bah, it is all red tape and I ended up in Science stream eventhough I was (and still is) weak in numbers. Stupid education system. Otherwise, I am probably a Nobel Laureate. Kehkehkeh.

Other than that, I think I am the most angelic (albeit bitchy a leeeeetle bit oni) student. And no, I never abuse my head prefect power and sent people to detention class (aka wash toilets and pick up rubbish) just because I dislike them. I am the most principled kid with the most level headed reasoning. Yay! I am such an angel, I won’t tag anyone.

But if you have something naughty to confess, please do!

8 thoughts on “Blek, enuff about others, let’s talk about me instead!

  1. You are the ‘untouchables’ in school eh? LOL

    kakakaka you must be the type of girl I love to hate back in my old school days. Teachers’ pet summore…

    My teachers din know I exist…. Few of them is now my aerobic class mates and chat with me like a friend. Pssst to date one of them still din know she scolded me before in class! 😛

  2. Reading your posts reminds me of my old school days. My school days is reminiscent of Enid Blyton’s The Naughtiest Girl In School series!
    I got into a whole lotta trouble in school from being kicked out of the Girl guides, pouring hot soup on a classmate’s pinafore, smoking to getting a boy to scratch my nemesis teacher’s car. Btw, I still hate that teacher and if I ever meet her I will definitely pooh pooh her!
    I was the girl who always had something to say in class, always ready to crack a joke at anyone’s expense but who was always ahead in her studies. So though the teacher’s find me a pest, they hate themselves for liking me! Hahahaha!

    p/s I love your writing 5XMom!

  3. Hee hee.. I made fren with head prefect, and all her machai-s.

    So easy to bodek ppl with power! 😉

    *runs away fast fast*

  4. mott – Yalor, that’s a good surivivor tips mah. No crocodile can eat us up like dis.

    La Cucaracha – Oh wow, I love those series! I remember those stories well. Malory Towers!

    wuching – Yalor, yalor, very notty hor?

    helen – Hehehe, yalor, very jinkak, sui yeong but heh, no one can touch me.

    ree nee – Nowadays they got give options. Last time, my school in kampung wan, so they fast fast sumbat me into Science stream to make up quota mah. I hate it cos I kenot understand Fizik and Kimia plus Add Maths.

  5. I pretended to die when my teacher threw a duster at me for not paying attention in class and eating nasi lemak! She got the scare of her life and when my mom came to school to take me home, (I was miraclously resuscitated and spewed all the bits of nasi lemak all over the teacher’s face), the teacher did not dare mentioned anything about me not paying attention or eating in class…. Hahahaha…

    In fact, when my mother saw the red mark on my cheek, compliments from the flying duster, she questioned the teacher but the teacher just went “eee ooorrr eee orrrr” like a donkey. Hahaha…

    After that I was known as the girl that can die at will and deemed untouchable. It suited me just fine…. Hahaha…

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