I am leaving Maxis for the Yellow Man

I think since the invention of the affordable handphone, I have changed my phone numbers like five times. I don’t know but I think it is due to my lack of friends, social life, hehehehe and my fondness for not having people stuck to me for too long that I don’t care if they cannot find me.

Whoever I needs to be in contact with, like my kids’ doc, my undertaker number (serious, I got an undertaker friend), my chao ah beng tow truck service and ah long loan sharks numbers and other important numbers like that, then I make sure they can keep in touch with me. But for the rest, like old classmates, ex-colleagues, ex-lovers, ex-friends and ex-fiends they can be conveniently dropped off my record and theirs.

So, after giving much thought, I am joining the Digi yellow man because my two other sons have Digi lines too. Cheaper for us to sms each other. Moreover, the pre-paid card was already in my hands and I could use the number over the weekend when Maxis was closed and I couldn’t re-activate my Maxis post-paid number. (somemore hor, my loukong won’t know whom I have been in contact with 😉 😉 😉 kihkhkikhkikh, like the PI I hire to track his movement?)

There you go, my ex-phone number 012-493 5912 sudah kaputed. I have most of the phone numbers and will sms you all tomorrow. My nieces, nephews, siblings and kengkawan sekalian. Easier to do it on a Monday when people are working mah. Don’t want to interupt your weekend.

If you don’t hear from me means two things :

I haven’t have time to include your number in my record ‘cos the number was stored in my old-old handphone


You can get the hell out of my life, go fly kite and play far-far. I dun give a fark you live or die.

Ta da!

6 thoughts on “I am leaving Maxis for the Yellow Man

  1. ooo digi yellow man, i’m now still using maxis postpaid line haha cheaper for me lor cuz me many fren use maxis more than digi haha… but cool for u lor~ and how cum u got so many dai yi long punya phone number hah???

  2. Yay! You’re joining the Yellow Man! I’ve got him tailing me ever since I bought my first handphone! And he follows me well 😉

  3. WAH!!! Now you are really tai kar cheh liau. Y? Because now you can talk loud loud in the cinema liau mah and no one dare to say shhhh to you or beat you up. So, next time you go and watch movie, I want to tag along liau, can kah? Remember to update me your number, ok?

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