“A blog without comments isn’t a blog”

John Chow, the evil blogger shared why he allows comments on his blog . It sparked off some effects on me because I normally do not like John Chow and yet like to read what he comes up with.

He said A Blog Without Comments Isnโ€™t A Blog. Yes, I agree. But sometimes, comments can be a pain in the arse. I dislike it when people come and apologise that they have not been posting comments lately etc etc. It makes me feel rotten because I feel like a headmistress demanding my pupils to serve me tea every day.

On the other hand, it makes me ROTFLMAO when some commentors went over the board with their 2 cents and write long crappy comments when they do not actually know what the blogger is crapping about. I am not talking about the comments in my blogs. I do blog hop and sometimes, I see, ‘wtf is this commentor talking about? Does he even know what he is crapping with those long ramblings?’ So, my personal preference is to see comments right to the point, short, sweet or sarcastic and not some unwanted long ramblings.

Remember my Me page?

5. I pay for this site. Every alphabets, I pay for.

6. Every alphabets you typed (as in the comments) are paid by me.

7. I donโ€™t enjoy criticism so forget it. Pile on your jokes, thoughts, opinions, greetings, expressions, anything. I welcome them. But donโ€™t ever try to be smarter than me.

8. I may twist your words, so donโ€™t bother to try (criticising).

At the end of the day, I’d rather have one single comment that assures me that ‘hey, I heard you, understood what you were saying, I may or may not agree but it is your blog, so I shall shaddap’ than 100 comments of ‘First!’.

BTW, if you did not notice, I have installed Kontera but I am the special blogger who takes you, my dear readers, into consideration. The little, annoying, double-underlined ads with a little bubble pop-up doesn’t show on one day old posts. So, SAY THANK YOU, ALREADY!

In conclusion – It is ok not to have many comments. But don’t go around commenting too much for the wrong purpose (to get reciprocal comments). I get terribly pissed when people tell me, I comment every day on your blog but you are so lansi, never comment back. Eh, I got four kids, a husband, a home, 10 hamsters, my face, hair, nails to take care plus 12 blogs, 200 blogs in my blogroll so spare me, can ah?

23 thoughts on ““A blog without comments isn’t a blog”

  1. me also me also! sorry for not commenting lately because er… er.. wad reason ar? wadever lar. u know lor, busy!

    and why u lansi har? nvr comment on my blog. lol!

    quite true also lar actually. that’s why i cut down on commenting edi. comment only when i have something to say. otherwise, i shuddup! that’s why i read ur blog eveliday (got free gift anot?) but only comment from time to time.

  2. Don’t mess around with Big Mum ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I guess I am a bit different. I like it when people come over to my blog and disagree with me. It’s nice to read what they have to say (though not always).

  3. Gosh… I too am sorry for not commenting recently. If I’ve never commented… I apologize for that!

    I love this quote: ” But donโ€™t ever try to be smarter than me.”

  4. I hop around blogs everyday and likely to give a comment or two.
    but one thing I found annoying is those blogspot-er who disallow anonymous commenter…. niasing I would never goes back to those blog itelyu

  5. Well said. When I read your post, I read the comments as well. Most of the time, comments were not related to the post. Most will comments are based on the title or the last line. And I really hate those; Yay! 1st, aiyoh! 2nd.

    But the blogger should take comments constructively and most important of all; moderate hate or destructive comments against anyone. The commentator too should comment using his/her own name and not use others name and tarnish that person.

    Ok, how much do I owe you for writing so many words? Contra lah. Blek!

  6. Hey, I heard you, understood what you were saying, I may or may not agree but it is your blog, so I shall shaddap.

    He! He! Forgive my naughtiness but yes, I would prefer comments than none. More as an assurance that somebody is reading and to have a two-way communication with my readers. Otherwise, I might as well talk to the wall.

  7. I think of making a commenting engine to make blogger “feels good” . Do you think there is market for it? :p

  8. so should i comment or not comment ar? i scared what i comment not relevant so how?..hahaha

    i actually loved comments on my blog..makes me feel good..

  9. i comment here liao, happy???

    my blog on the other hand.. has no comments.. haha.. hence, i don’t think it is a blog anymore. ๐Ÿ˜†

  10. walau.. the last part make you so tulan ah? ๐Ÿ˜›

    I do agree some ppl really leave comments for the sake of leaving comments while they don’t really read what I wrote.. haih..

  11. Hi Lilian,
    Just started reading your blog since the Blogger’s Buff a few weeks ago. I like when you blog what you mean. It takes character to do so, you 1 fiery lady, I like that!

    Also another fiery lady.

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