Releks, brader – Evan Almighty only a movie lah

Zam: Exercise some wisdom – PUTRAJAYA: Muslims in the country should exercise wisdom in addressing religious issues and not become hysterical when confronted with something seen as challenging their faith or belief like a film, Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said.

I have watched Bruce Almighty like 4 times because they are either shown on DVD or over the TV. My kids love it because it makes fun of a lot of things like Moses parting the red sea which was shown in the movie where Bruce parted his bowl tomato soup. Then, there are parts like Bruce aka God’s temporary helper answering all prayers. As kids, they also know how to use their wisdom to know what is funny, which part is making parody of the Bible and how things can screwed up if God works the way Bruce did. So, overall, it is an enlightening movie to them.

Zainuddin said this in response to calls by various quarters for the Government to ban the screening of Evan Almighty following claims the movie contained scenes that insulted Muslims and Islam.

So, why da heck are people so tense over things like these? Why was Da Vinci Code ok and a parody movie like this so controversial?

The film Evan Almighty has actor Morgan Freeman playing the role of “God” and he orders Evan Baxter (played by Steve Carell) to build an ark to avoid a big flood.

Releks, brader.

14 thoughts on “Releks, brader – Evan Almighty only a movie lah

  1. Perhaps Malaysians cannot think straight and get influenced too easy to these kind of flicks.

    Ever see a 5 year old boy getting all horny over a young lady like Shin Chan did (and still do)?

    Even a 5 year old boy wouldn’t do such things after watching the cartoon. I doubt an adult would be so easily swayed after watching a movie.

    Insulting Islam? I think the movie producers are referring to Christianity instead of Islam (although there are similarities between the two religions).

    Like you said lah, releks la brader…

    Aiyoh! If liddat ban everything lah! Let us all be monks!

  2. how pathetic.

    and yet again the malaysian perception has been marred.

    sad to say but this is the reality, duno when malaysian censorship board can be more “open”…

    making us feel like so kuno and lau beh!

    like tinggal bawah tempurung still.. c’mon..

    evan almighty is just another good laughter for all of us to share!

  3. i love bruce almighty, and they did show it on HBO you know.
    I bet many have watched it before.

    And about the Da Vinci thinggy, I totally agree with you.
    If they can show that movie (although its pretty much outrageous and bogus) and we didnt complain too much about it, why should they make such big deal out of Evan Almighty?

    Sigh. Like you said,
    Relax brader! 😀

  4. How to releks when kissing also wanna make noise!! I guess those fanatics don’t kiss their wifes wan. Kesian lar like dat. ;P

  5. i have seen the trailer and i cant see any part that insult islam. it’s getting from bad to worse…

    pssst… u heard about some blogger being arrested?

  6. Hohhoohoho!!! I just blogged about the same thing.

    It pokes fun more at Christianity than Islam lah…those idiots…cannot see things in perspectives wan…go to school for what lah…

  7. If they ever practice wisdom, the sun would rise from the west. The world would be a better place to live in.

  8. Alamak – I was at the dentist from 2+ pm till 6 pm so sorry never got around to reply individually hor? But heh, I also better don’t say anything further. :p

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