Plugging Lisan’s blog and on wife beaters

Lisan is one of the bloggers who was part of the Together-Gather’s Bloggers Party committee and I met her before. She told me about this issue with LimKokWing‘s university which I think displays some sort of worrying trend. Well, to find out more, go over and read it on her blog because it has some gory pics of injuries which I don’t think I want to share on my pinkie blog. A person was badly bashed up.

Talking about getting whacked and bashed, I read that MCA is going to go all out on wife beaters by publicly putting up the bashed up wives photos to shame the husbands. Well, I don’t know if this is a good move because wife beaters are beasts that cannot feel shame. If they do feel it in the first place, they wouldn’t do it. I think the only persons who are going to feel the brunt are those abused wives because they will continue to live silently with their sufferings and agonies. If they had wanted to reveal, they could have just walk out of a marriage instead of putting herself and her children, if any, through these form of mental and physical torture.

Putting abusive husbands to shame

“We believe that husbands will stop beating their wives if the photos of the wives are shown in public as they want to avoid the embarrassment,” department chief Datuk Michael Chong told reporters.

He said some husbands, who looked respectable in public, became violent when they were at home.

“You will not believe what they did until you see it with your own eyes. They are always friendly and presentable when they are in public,” he added.

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The world is so screwed, isn’t it? Many people think they can bash their way through what they want.

10 thoughts on “Plugging Lisan’s blog and on wife beaters

  1. i agree with u, showing pics of abused wives is doing more harm to the wives than to the beaters so show pics of beaters after we beat them up first!

  2. the poor wives. i don’t think publishing pictures of them would affect the abusive husbands at all. there must be a better way to knock (pun not intended) some sense into them?

  3. tenkiu so so so so so much! 🙂
    and i agree. i dont think publishing the pictures are going to help at all, heck, mebbe it will jst worsen the condition!

  4. Why would the man beat up his wife in the 1st place? These people are sick in the mind. Useless piece of shit. Only cowards beat women up.

  5. What NONSENSE!

    They should display in public the husband’s face, BIG BIG…and also their tiny puny dicks!

    Idiots…how come Wanita MCA didn’t stand up and defend the women here?

  6. ya the husbands shd be displayed in public not the wives! they will be embarrassing the wives more, later no more abused wives dare to speak up for fear their faces will be displayed in public

  7. ree nee – Yeah, usually the wives dare not make a peep so that’s why all these beasts dare to do it. Now, with the public display, it is even worse. It is embarassing to tell the world we married the wrong man, right?

    mott – Yalor, I am so waiting for them to make a big noise. Interesting what their response is.

    terence – I don’t know about that but sick yes. It is a mental illness to beat one’s spouse.

    zyrin – Yeah, abusive spouse is an issue we don’t have full understanding and this will cause more harm than help.

    lisan – Hope your friends get the exposure they need and find justice

    wuching – Call me, I wanna whack these sort of men too.

    moses – I hope it is just a proposal only and not being carried out.

  8. Sad to say even couples in courtship are prone to verbal and physical abuse. I did ask someone why she(in early 20s) didn’t leave her boyfriend, she just couldn’t answer. Anyone can come up with a strategic idea to at least reduce violent relationships?

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