Will the real Malaysian Bloggers please stand up?

Yes, are you a Malaysian Blogger? Put up your hands please? How do you define Malaysians? That we are born Malaysians, with our IC stating Malaysian or what lah? In my opinion, Malaysian is not entirely a good name to be used because when we define Malaysians, we are talking about our masyarakat majmuk. The kind of good, law-abiding, patriotic people who wants the best for our country. I know I cannot always live up to that demand so I prefer to remain just a blogger.

Lately, there are so many this alliance blogger, that alliance blogger until I almost want to start my own Malaysian Bullshit Bloggers Alliance. Then, there was this over-the-top event called Malaysian bla bla bla day wor. Fulamak, did someone died and appoint these people to declare it a Malaysian bla bla day?

But I didn’t want to mention it before the event because I know my blog reach can sometimes ricochetting to things beyond my control. I certainly do not need any massive stupid death threats like what happened to the Penang one. So, I sit silently and what do you know?

Dear Penny from London said :

We wouldn’t know till the government declares a public holiday for us bloggers right? Till then, IMHO, there’s no such thing as a Malaysian Bloggers Day.. There’s no such thing as ‘authority’ in the blogging world so yeah.. noone should ‘create’ such stuff..

Blooody hell.. makes us Malaysian bloggers look lame also ;x

But Penny is not the only who expressed her thoughts on this over-the-top title. I have nothing against the event but I hate it when the title pulled all bloggers in Malaysia into the dragnet. Good or bad, we are all into it.

Jolene too blogged about it.

So shoot me if I hold on to my beliefs that the usage of beautiful girls to make an event all the more enticing is down right degrading to women all over. I guess my opinions don’t really cover the fact that beautiful girls are used to make material possessions all the more enticing(cars+sexy women will always go hand in hand, like it or not.) because that’s just how things are. I grew up observing a media that has been doing just that. Beer and women, cars and women, gadgets and women.

Frankly, the timing co-incide with the detention of Nat Tan and I did joke with Penny on her comment board:

Wei, wei, one call to BA say got illegal gathering by bloggers, you think what will happen leh? LOL. *slaps forehead and ROLTLMAO*

Posted by 5xmom.com | 8:19 PM

In case you do not know BA stands for Peaceful Hill.

So, my point is, it is great to have lots of bloggers gathering. But don’t anyone start another over-the-top patriotic title using Malaysians. Because I am a Malaysian too and I don’t need to be associated with titles like those.

For example, Tan Yee Wei asked :

Tan Yee Wei, on July 16th, 2007 at 5:21 pm Said:

The poster was said, “Featuring Real Malaysian Bloggers”. Now WTF does that mean?

And yeah, what the fuck is a Real Malaysian Bloggers?

Answer me, please?

Are you a Malaysian Blogger?

Are you a real Malaysian Blogger?

36 thoughts on “Will the real Malaysian Bloggers please stand up?

  1. I just want to know where are the pictures of the cars? According to the poster it said hot Hypertune models & cars. But I haven’t seen a single picture of the cars.

    Btw, I’ll be organizing a Kepong Blogger’s Day. 😛

  2. well … all i can say is fuck it la, all you got is a shop full of bloggers calling it some crappy Malaysian Bloggers Day, with some semi-naked chicks posing around, yeah as if as bloggers are not posing enuf …

    but with that handful of blogers you dare to call what lanjiao alliance ar?

    err i have nothing to say but tabik them lo …

  3. I was there.. guess what… Its actually a Adverlet’s Blogger nites.. =.=”” .. should have let me know its Adverlet’s …

  4. It’s normal for marketing purpose to make claims. Since it’s claimed as Malaysia Blogger’s Day by Adverlets and there’s no other party claiming otherwise it should be fine. Anyway it’s a good reason for bloggers to meet up and get to know each other. No reason to condemn the event. 🙂 Cheers

    5XMOM ASKS : Jordan, read carefully, ok? Who is condemning the event? Which part of my post said it? Care to tell? My warning to the rest of the commentors. don’t come with your own mindset and try to put words into my mouth. If you cannot separate what you think from what I wrote, please click on the red box with white x on the top right.

  5. hi 5XmOm and also fellow bloggers…I’m sorry my event didn’t appeal as much. It was my idea to simply call it a blogger’s day because I wanted to meet blogger friends while I’m back in Malaysia and I thought that would be fetching. Advertlets offered to sponsor the event. The poster was designed initally by my boyfriend without the “Real Malaysian Bloggers” but it was ammended and I didn’t know what it means and don’t want to mention names because it is over now. I guess it was my bad for not cutting that out.
    I’m not speaking for anyone too…just read your blog about this someone anonymous linked me 🙁 It’s okay though, just so you know that this day was somewhat claimed by me and I didn’t think it was necessary for a government to claim such a day too. It was just a thought and didn’t know it would embarrass fellow bloggers.
    I appreciate everyone’s honest opinions… because the internet is free for everyone to voice out. I’m also glad for those who enjoyed meeting other bloggers. That was my initial intention. Didn’t think making it big would be upsetting. Sorry.

    5xmom says : There is no need to apologise . Not like we care anyway. It is just fun to blog about it. But using the word DAY is indeed a bad idea. If it has been party, gathering, meeting or whatever, none of us would bother to bring it up.

    just read your blog about this someone anonymous linked me

    And care to explain who is anonymous here?

  6. It was probably done by amatuers with big egos. They had big dreams/ambitions, they wanted it to be a big event and glamorous. But they done and got it all wrong.

    By CLAIMING and USING the ‘MALAYSIAN BLOGGER’S DAY’ is wrong. Unless there is such an registered organisation(which I think there will be soon).

    I read in some blog that J**h commented that who and who has a blog, who and who works for what means what and what. J**h, take my advise; shut the fark up. Sometimes its better that way. The more you try to explain, the worse it becomes.

    Oh, I have some Uni friends from all over the world studying in Malaysia that blogs too. Maybe I should organise a gathering called ‘INTERNATIONAL BLOGGERS DAY’. I declared it a holiday as well. Can ar?

    Organising gatherings/meetings are a good thing. Just dont let your ego take over.

  7. adrian : I not from kepong wor….how ? still can attend ah?

    5xmom : i must be super blur…..i oni know of one event..and that has the word “booze”… does that mean, I’m that screwed???


  8. somehow i dun think that they’re ego or something. it’s more like they’re ignorant that people might get pissed over the usage of terms as such. ignorant however does not mean they are faultless.

    guess that choice of vocab in delivering your message is as important as ever in this world, ain’t it.


  9. lolz…

    I am Malaysian.

    I am a Blogger.

    However does Malaysian + Blogger = Malaysian Blogger?

    I don’t know. You tell me-la.

    I had one blogger friend invite another blogger friend to go. I didn’t get any invite coz I’m not using Advertlets or etc…

    Besides, I think I’m much too “full-bodied” to go to such events. I may just block all the pretty gals in front of the cameras, since I’m such a camwhore at times. LOL!!!

    Lilian-ar, if you mau start some MBBA (M’sian Bloggers Bullshit Alliance), let me know. I support u kao kao! 😆

  10. No comment, but seriously, I don’t believe that blogger can be seperated as a Malaysian Blogger or Singaporean Blogger, etc simply because when you’re blogging in the blogosphere, geography does not come into place – well, maybe to a certain extend only.

  11. wah…i also feel the “tempias” la, because i was there and did blog about it, but i was there because it’s 7 minutes from my home and there is free food and drinks…so, i guess that’s pretty Malaysian of me la, to go where free food and free drink is/are/was/were.


  12. Totally irrelevant to this, your blog seems to be causing me some IE. Error woh.. this is the 3rd time I’m launching IE.. and I thought I’ll tell you..


  13. ZMM – Tks for pointing that out. Tiu lor, itu baru mia ad kasi gua problems. Gua sudah tendang dia keluar. Hehehe.

  14. I totally understand. I am old school… I always feel no matter what blogs you have, blogging should be about writings. That is what matters and that should be the common ground to bring bloggers together.

    No need SYT to jack things up. 🙂

  15. Sorry. Mind my language. Earlier comment rephared and editted.

    It’s normal for marketing purpose to make claims. Since it’s claimed as Malaysian Blogger’s Day by Adverlets and there’s no other party claiming otherwise it should be fine. Anyway it’s a good reason for bloggers to meet up and get to know each other 🙂 Cheers

    Anyway for the benefit of those that ain’t there, it’s a really decent gathering for bloggers and everybody is invited everthough you don’t use Adverlets. Maybe the words doesn’t spread around fast enough to reach you given the short notice. Cheers

  16. Lol I think ar i’m the anonymous blogger miss elaine is referring to… heheheh i’m anonymous blogger mehs? prolly calling me that because i linked her as random blogger

    like that aso dun likes mehhhhh.. but but.. true ma.. random blogger ma

    btw according to Oxford Dictionary,


    • adjective 1 not identified by name; of unknown identity. 2 lacking character; featureless.

    “It’s okay though, just so you know that this day was somewhat claimed by me and I didn’t think it was necessary for a government to claim such a day too.”

    and btw who are you to claim such day la? did anyone say it’s necessary for THE government to claim such day? i was being sarcastic if you didn’t notice -_-

    “It was just a thought and didn’t know it would embarrass fellow bloggers.”

    har-har-har-har claiming so is just a thought? why u contradicting yourself woman

    damnit feeling damn fucking bitchy yo

  17. I’m jealous. How come when I mentioned it, auntie leng lui chanlilian dun wanna plug 9 me?

    In my blog, that was my statement

    -When Elaine Tan announce that July 14th is the official Blogger’s Day, my first initial reaction was ….”Who is she to make such announcement?” I was curious and checked her out. Found out that her qualification also not that bad. But heck, what is wrong with it? –

    Guess my voice ain’t that loud after all.

  18. Wow…I didn’t know behind the scene so panas one… even JL is involved..hmmm… will try to seek the pieces of jigsaw and probably reconstruct it in my blog…hahaah

  19. thats the whole reason behind behind why people are dissing the event … its not like its anything special, so why the reason to go give such a name and go declare such a thing?

    just call a damn gathering, a simple union of Malaysian blogger, yeap that would be with a capital M and a small b …

    the Malaysian blogging scene is kinda huge … huge but i somewhat …. i would not say its really that happening … so when someone comes around and do something like this, declares this, say that ….it will be perceived as some stunt move …

    especially when its JL and Ad related … u get me … its not to say you are somwehat being accused of doing some stunt move or anything which tends to look like you are seeking attention, but just that ur timing and your choice of partners and sponsorship for the event is not right …

    well till then … have fun and go click some of my ads …

    wahahahaha – i dont mind the attention …

  20. I was there! It was quite bored and like more to model show than blogger’s gathering. I left earlier as I don’t feel comfortable there. I was like an alien there.

  21. Argggh….I missed all the fun. Lilian, did you burnt a new feed or something? I’ve checked and the last feed sent to me was 2 weeks ago. I’m pointing to the correct feed now.

  22. Streamyx went dead and i was off the blogosphere for 2 consecutive days!

    Anyway… I was supposed to attend but decided otherwise in the last minute. Frankly speaking, I believe that gathering is a marketing gimmick based on the pictures I see. And yeah, who the hell gave them the right to declare such day as Malaysian Bloggers Day?

    Also, the usage of girls dress in menjolok mata kinda outfit with heavy make up… that substantiate my notion of it being used as a marketing gimmick isn’t it?

    I’ve said before that when money comes into the picture, it always destroy the original beauty intended in anything. That is the reason why I am still refraining myself from doing PPP.

    Now, I can see that the local blogging scene slowly but surely turning into a battleground between our local advertising players and it will be sad that the whole thing will lose its beauty.

  23. i initially wanted to say about this day, but everyone said it already. soo..

    my comments are all of the above. well, most of the above lah.

    yr gramndmutterputter say its malaysian day mer. chey.

  24. I’ll still say that the event was fun though . Maybe the `naming ‘ of it wasn’t appropriate to many , but the event itself was organized well . I just posted a clip of it and you could see loads of people laughing and having fun (well `hear’ actually).

  25. A real malaysian blogger constantly supports a lost cause in malaysia without hesitation and worry of how others may believe he/she is only wasting his/her time by supporting this cause they deem useless as the culture, government, people or friends may never understand what he/she is aiming to achieve out of continuously trying to make a difference in future of malaysia.

    Don’t ask me how did I come up with that but I just did. 🙂

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