No more peenis enlargement ads for me

A week back, I receive an enquiry from an advertising agency in UK. After quoting and negotiating, I almost got the deal to place a banner with multiple rotating ads.

However, this is what I received :

Hi Lilian,

I hope you are keeping well. Unfortunately when I showed my boss your website, he saw your sponsored links he said no to advertisning on your blog as (name edited) is a family website. Apologies for this.

I hope you have a nice day!

Kind Regards,


And today, another ad agency told me the same thing. So, it is goodbye to penis enlargement and male enhancement sites. Hahaha, this blog is too decent for them, no? I had written to TextLinkAds to stop placing these ads as I have to go with the flow. So bring on all the goodie-goodie ads!

My Make$ Money$ sites also received a lot of attractive offers from gambling sites as it rules in ‘how to make money’ but principle is principle. No will do. Not until I start to open a few more adult sites blog. Hahaha. *slaps self* I still haven’t figure out what to do with my 5xmom V 2.0.

8 thoughts on “No more peenis enlargement ads for me

  1. Wah! They vely lansi also hor. Nevermind, they lansi you can also lansi back to them. Who they tink you are, Lilian Chan ok? Don’t play play with her leh. hehehe……….

  2. I have two sex toys links, one expiring tomorrow and I’ll stop it. The other one will only expiry in December, he paid for half a year. My friends asked what’s going on with the sex toys link on your blog, lol. For the moment, no advertisers complaint about those links, yet.

    John Chow used to have such links too, by the way.

  3. i admire John Chow because of his innovative ways to gain traffic both from whitehat and greyhat methods..`*

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