Stand a chance to win RM6,000 – Secondary school students only

I was told about this Maxis project call the Maxis CyberlinQ 2007 which aims to brings together the community and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). There are several categories in the competition but one group that I can think should take part in this competition is the secondary school students.

Off hand, I think there more than a handful of secondary school students who blogs like Ree Nee and her gang from SXI, Itsadurianlife from PFS, Hobart and Nicholas from their Chung Ling gang, Carmen and her buddies from SGS and DiscoveryMae and many more. So, to all who are secondary school students, read on.

The competition is organised by Maxis.

You are required to form a team and set it up online.

Work out a proposal and then, submit to Maxis by 2nd August 2007.

If your proposal is accepted, you will be given RM1,000 to run the project.

The theme is : “What can you do for the Country? Begin with your own Community.”

1. Form a team
2. Think of a creative, innovative & beneficial project that benefits the community
3. Develop your project proposal in a Blog / website
4. Ensure your team is among the selected ones to receive RM1,000 project fund from the organizer.
5. Implement your project as proposed.

And the prizes are very attractive :

Main Prize each category of participation (5):
-1st prize: RM6,000 & Certificate of Participation
-2nd prize: RM4,000 & Certificate of Participation
-3rd prize: RM2,000 & Certificate of Participation

Special Award:
-Best Blogger: RM1,000
-Best Application of Technology: RM1,000

Go over to MaxisCyberLinQ site for the full details. And if it interests you, do take part in it. You can mail me privately if you wish to find out more details, ok? I know most of you have the talent and creative ideas to win this. Go, go, go.

7 thoughts on “Stand a chance to win RM6,000 – Secondary school students only

  1. Cool. I will ask my fellow students to set up a team and participate.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. Primary students oso can take part wohhhh!!! If they can have blogs i tabik them man! This competition also opens for college and university students, not only secondary students lah.

  3. omg, im no good in this kind of things! I’m okay if it only involves blogging but hell, need to start a project as well!

  4. Wah, so easy. So simple. I am sure my idea will win :

    Eat , drinks and be marry

    No? Cannot? I just follow those MP mah.
    PM and gang just did it. He held eating feast in front of the Parliament house with the butchering thingy.

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