Let’s see what sort of news ‘sells’

Do you notice that people are always, always, damn, blardy kepoh? They often go for the news that is not important but dramatic in nature?

For example, let me show you a kepoh-ness that happened last night. I was with my son, waiting at the pharmacy in Lam Wah Ee. Then, two men who looked like construction workers from the hard boots and dusty, soiled clothes passed by on their way to the reception. (to register for whoever is in the ER) One of them is carrying a baby whose forehead has injuries, a nasty red gash. The other was lamenting something in Hokkien about ‘why did it happen to the person (her?), why not him etc etc’.

So, all eyes were on them. And I start to guess, probably the mom was carrying the kid on the bike and they got into an accident. Then, few minutes later, one Indian Muslim man came and spoke in Tamil (or some language like that) to his wife. At that point, I was talking to my son. But midway, I told him, yeah, the woman was riding a bike in Paya Terubong and got into the accident.

My son : Mom! You are so kepoh! You eavesdropped!

Me : No wor, I am not as kepoh as the ‘to the left, to the left’. (you know that song?) He even followed the two men to find out.

My son : People speak Tamil, how you know wor?

Me : I heard terubong, motorbike, accident so that’s all I need to know.

So, human nature is like that.

We are eternally busybody about the minor news and never really see much of the big picture. Like how the economy affects us, how the current situation in the country is developing, what is happening to the environment, who is our PM now, aiks hehehe.

All we care are those ikan bilis, kecik monyet stuffs like:


Why a pig’s head is left on a car?
Did Datuk K and Datuk Siti have problems with their marriage?
Who is that old, peverted old man?
What happened to the Porsche and BMW?

The above is a screenshot of The Star Online most viewed pages. Do we see people reading about our Deputy DPM who said Malaysia is an Islamic State? Do we read about any more serious news? No, we are all but a whole big nation of busybodies.

That’s why 5xmom’s blog rawks. Cos she is always full of shits and hot air. Now you know….

11 thoughts on “Let’s see what sort of news ‘sells’

  1. Yaya. We know.

    Full of shit and farts lah. What hot air???

    Niamah! Nowadays write until so deep very hard for 19 year old like me to understand lah.

  2. Ya. I agree with you people are very kepo one include me lar – at times also like that one. But, can’t help it leh. I like what you put up there – Star most viewed news.

  3. hahahahhaha you really have no hesitation ever admitting you’re a kaypoh. lol Aren’t we all at one time or another hor?

    My father is the ultimate anti-kaypoh. If anything happens to the neighbour, dia buat tak tahu. My mother will go and find out.

    After that, guess who’s the kaypoh who grill my mother to find out what happened? Summore ask details details stuff from my mother. LOL Hypocrite eh?

  4. my neighbour’s wife is kaypoh & like to compare.
    when she hear me cooking, she will come to my window & compare & criticize my cooking & kitchen.
    Now I have to close windows to cook & work quietly, so that she will not hear me.
    I am not a good cook but don’t want to cook under stress too.
    Susah or not?

  5. Got ah.. I got read about our DPM saying that Malaysia is a islamic state. Read already and feel damn pu her kim tulan la…. what nonsense is that blady old man talking about!?? Every few months, sure got some fella will say or do something stupid like this to remind everyone that there is a political party call UMNO lor….

    And hor, I think our PM again go on leave. Sigh.. everytime choe chua… how la the country going to improve.

    I think these 2 news very serious lor….

  6. eh… i only read the news about nuri being phased out… i go read the rape after oral sex now… kakakaka

  7. zewt – Just few of you read but not the whole nation. So, you see, people dun see the big picture wan.

    lotsofcravings – Yeah, good form of escape, isn’t it?

    lauchabor – LOL, yalor, forever on honeymoon.

    agnes – Fuyoh, if I am you, I take broom and chase her off.

    ah pek – You too

    helen – Bloggable materials mah

    erina – I kepoh but I dem chicken so I die of curiousity most of the times cos I dare not ask.

    terence – Farts oso warm warm mah. Hot air lor

  8. Lucky that it is farts and not haze. Farts will clear but haze will stay. Kekeke…. 😛

    Anyway, I read the serious news too but am very surprised that anything related to s e x will always be the top hit at the most viewed box. 😉

    I enjoy reading your blog. Has a lot of nice stuff to read-le especially when I want to have a good laff @ life. Keep up the fartsgood stuff!

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