The blogsphere is a fun place, really

Where else can you get Muslims and Christians calling each other names and yet, no blood were shed?

Where else can you get fake boobs claiming to be hot bloggers?

Where else can you find freaky family who cuntfused the make-believe blogsphere as their lifeline?

Where else can you find freaky family who used her royal highness name to lodge a complaint?

Where else can you find dumbos who never study enough Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie and screwed up and revealed their own sorry asses?

Freaky family, you are one dumb-ass. The company whom you write to, using her royal highness’s name happened to be my first webhost and the boss knew me since 2003. One look and they know it is so not me to be a coward like that to complain about hackers. Stupid freaky family, get off my back and don’t ever use my very kerng name, ever. No one gives a fuck if your site got hack or not, ok? And don’t ever inconvenient me with phone calls because you used my name to submit webforms.

Added : The email I received followed by phone call to clarify it wasn’t me:

Dear Lilian,

My name is XYZ. I am the Operations Director at
ABC Corporation.

We have received a very disturbing email via our web form
(Contact Us Form). I am not too sure whether it is
genuinely from you or someone masquerading to be you, but
I certainly am concerned about the contents of the email and
I would like to hear more.

If you did submit the web form, then perhaps we could
arrange to speak sometime this week.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Operations Director

Now, back to the blogsphere…..

It is a really a fun place. We get all sort of fun stuffs to read.

Dramatic sungguh kan?

As for the respective God loving bloggers, why not stop the animosity? You are all better off writing in gentler way than to provoke each other. In the end, it is God, the Almighty that get smeared. It is the rest of the world that will be laughing at us, Muslims and Christians.

And no, fake boobs and some unknown celebrities don’t make the Malaysian blogsphere. Because it doesn’t exist.

Nah, I have three topics up there. Which one do you want to comment on?

Added again : Icyqueengoddess caught and released the college boy who played the prank on her. Let this be the warning to the freak whom had been sending me photoshopped pics of god-knows-what (cos Gmail blocked it) and all those death threats. Grow up, move on.

12 thoughts on “The blogsphere is a fun place, really

  1. whoa… just read icyqueengoddess’s entry. **shakes head**

    how “bodoh” can the kids be to send out e-mails from a personal computer to threaten someone.

    anyway, some ppl are just too free, i’d guess.

  2. Some people just waste so much of their time and energy doing malicious acts instead of concentrating on what GOD gave them. LIFE.

    Eh, my skool registered with the Maxis thing liao. I am part of the team.

  3. it’s a wonderful blogo-world after all….

    death threats and hate comments… sign of you getting very femes mah… u said wan mah… kakakaka….

  4. zewt – LOL, yalor, yalor….envy yet?

    moby – Ya, juveniles.

    mott – Fun, fun, fun.

    terence – Ya, got stuck in the same hole dunno do what lah.

    agnes – Lucky icyqueengoddess is kind. And why lah, it is always Penang folks doing these?

    ree nee – You never guess who it is!

    melvin – Not as kerng as you

    icyqueen – I am so relieved to hear the police nab the kid. Prove that we are not anon. after all.

  5. haha! although i’m rather new, its truly a fun place to be.. ohyea.. thanks for dropping a comment on my site some time ago.. appreciate it!

  6. I’m still blur…. but then guess I’ll find out soon enough. lol

    Today I wrote a paid post and someone commented something rude. Usually I dun delete my comments but since that post is awaiting greenlight, I have to delete.

    It seems those sponsors read the comments… at least the person who reviewed my post did.

    Some people really eat full nothing to do…

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