Things bloggers do this weekend

Since bloggers are so popular nowadays, let’s call everyone bloggers. The day we signed up our free blogspot account is the day we signed away our identity. You become genderless, jobless, nameless, ball-less and every-less when you become a blogger. Good or bad, you are a blogger.

First, the talented bloggerSotongZai

He is taking part in this StarCeleb roadshow:

So guys and girls, check out The Curve this weekend. We’ll be there all day long from sunrise till nightfall. Oh, and please do me a favor and vote for me? Pretty please? Haha.

Event: StarCeleb Roadshow
Venue: The Curve, Piazza
Time : 10am till 9pm
Things to Bring: Your Mobile

You know what to do…Vote! I think. Anyway, I met SotongZai on his 21st birthday and he has given me very good impression of a very, very well mannered, wise and sensible young man. There was one night both Wingz and I had a long chat with him and we are amazed with his patience as well. Way to go, SotongZai! Good luck!

Second, the drunkard bloggers:

Bwahahaha, as a private joke, Zewt asked me on MSN, Eh, this Blogger Booze, need your ok? It is a private joke, if you don’t get it.

With the help of Josh from Advertlets, I shall be orchestrating a BLOGGER BOOZE on the 21st July 2007 from 9pm onwards (yes, we like to start getting intoxicated early – booze waits for no man!) The Venue – a place called Hartamas Walk @ Hartamas Shopping Centre – Plaza Damas. I need all the help I can get from interested bloggers, in terms of pimping this event or helping out.

So, I told Zewt…..Saya membantah, tuan. Tidak haram, bloggers mia nama tarak boleh. Tidak haram! Ada invite errmmm..the capital letters start with M. Anyway, it is a joke. Go have fun!

Modesto’s Hartamas Walk @ Hartamas Shopping Centre, Plaza Damas
Tel: 03-6203 9707
21st July 2007 @ 9pm

Third – Over in Penang, this young man from Chung Ling, Hobart is taking part in some:

programme called Young Enterprise. Basically, it involves Form 3 and Form students managing a company, producing and selling the products. There is going to be a very important event coming up, which is the YE Sales Fair in Queensbay this Saturday and Sunday.

Go and support his stall with a name like some German gestapo like that. Tell him you are a blogger and you get discount.

So cun or not? Bloggers’ name very hot hor?

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  1. Aiks, drunk is politically incorrect, the right term here would be “spiritual”, to see whether boozing and blogging can mix or not. 🙂 Come la join me in unraveling the analysis Lilian if you’re free… 😀

  2. but like u said… booze doesnt mean must drink… so blogger booze… both words also sudah salah… ada betui ka?

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